Thursday, July 15, 2010

Andy Begs Fans to Follow Him on Twitter

The new US Open series commercials have aired! As in real life, Serena Williams plays the straight (wo)man to Andy's clown, LOL. These two are going to make a great mixed doubles team in the 2012 Olympics.

If there's anybody out there who's not following Roddick on twitter, seriously, what's up with that? He's one of the best sports twitterers out there. He's honest, funny, and keeps it real. If you insult him he'll retweet you, and you'll gain tons of new followers! He actually tweets on his own and doesn't get a publicist to do it for him; he doesn't try to sell us crap or use twitter as public relations tool (ahem, Serena), he trash talks Serena (she gives as good as she gets) and other athletes who are dumb enough to challenge him to a duel. To see Andy grow from a daily "Morning!" tweet to him mocking Lindsay Lohan and Mel Gibson brings a tear to my eye. Nobody does the twitterverse better.

The Tennis Channel's James LaRosa offers us "The Tennis Player Twitter Ten Commandments", and Andy doesn't break any of the cardinal twitter rules, especially the first one, THOU SHALT NOT BE BORING.

I told you this was the cardinal rule, did you think I was joking? This is going to hurt, but I say it with love: I don't care what you had for lunch. Seriously. Did you just have a killer workout and now it's off for treatment? You and everyone else chick. Flight delayed? Loving your new iPad? Zzz. No one's asking you to spread locker room gossip (Direct Message me with that shiz) or trash talk your next opponent, but behind the scenes anecdotes? We love 'em! Unless they're about Jean-Claude Van Damm. Then we're just concerned for you. Ain't nothin' going on but the rent? Start a twitter slapfight with another player.

Exhibit A: From Andy Roddick and Serena Williams:

Andy to Serena - @serenajwilliams you shut your mouth when you're talking to me

Serena to Andy - @andyroddick u r such a jerk. Lol

There's some context here, but it doesn't matter. Mommy and daddy are fighting! Not boring. Well done, Serena and Andy.

Can you imagine how dull Roger Federer would be on Twitter? "I played a fantastic match today it was unbelievable I'm so happy everybody saw me win again, thanks again for being my loyal fans." Zzz. Or Maria Sharapova? (publicist) "Miss Sharapova's new perfume "Shrieker" is available at Macy's, text 666 to win!" Zzz.

$100,000 cash reward to the person(s) who can convince Novak Djokovic or Dimitry Tursunov to get on twitter!

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Jessica said...

Novak needs to get a Twitter ASAP. He probably have some crazy stories to share with the world... unlike Andy Murray. :x

- Jessica (bestkeptsecrets on Twitter)

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