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Tennis Siesta

It's the tennis off-season, hurray! Andy's knee is finally healed and he's started training again. He has been busy playing in many charities and entertaining us with his player impersonations. Here's one I hadn't seen before, Andy does Pete Sampras:

If you missed seeing Andy and Serena play at World Team Tennis last night the entire video is available free online. To sum up: Andy is quite rusty, Serena beat Andy again, Elton John has a wicked forehand, it was a fun time had by all.

Mary Carillo says she senses that Andy Roddick could be one of 2010's big tennis stories. Let's hope so! If anybody deserves to have a great year, it's Andy.

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Andy in ACE magazine. Scan courtesy of claire.

My brain went on an extended tennis siesta after Andy lost to John Isner at the US Open, and when he came up lame vs Stan Wawrinka in Shanghai I was almost relieved that he was forced to sit out the rest of the year so that I would have an excuse not to watch any more tennis. Seriously, I may be a tennis nerd but the season is too freaking long.

Catching up on some Roddick news:

SI mailbag, December 9:
What's your best tennis memory from 2009? —Kate C., New York

JON WERTHEIM: Here's a less obvious one. I'm watching Andy Roddick play John Isner during the middle weekend of the U.S. Open. I turn around and see a vaguely familiar face. Eventually I realize that it's Jerry Roddick. He's sitting in the stands, far from the players' box, where television cameras are unlikely to find him. Some context here: In his previous Grand Slam, Andy Roddick reached the Wimbledon final and, of course, lost heartbreakingly to Federer in the fifth set. As the match progresses, Jerry Roddick is a statue. His facial expression doesn't change. There's no outward emotion. No cheering and scowls over unforced errors or bad line calls. The match goes to a fifth set. Then a tiebreaker. Isner dials in his serves and -- just like that -- Roddick is eliminated from another Grand Slam in a five-setter, a few points making all the difference. You can only imagine what it must be like watching your son lose like this yet again. But, as thousands of fans go nuts, Jerry Roddick grimaces a tiny bit, shakes his head as if to say, win-some, lose-some, and leaves his seat and walks onto the concourse unnoticed, his head buried in a baseball cap but held high. In a sport (culture at large?) that doesn't always do restraint and dignity real well, I was struck by this.

City and Shore magazine: "Advantage Andy Roddick: Tennis star wraps an extraordinary year with ninth charity weekend":
C&S: What was it about Brooklyn Decker that made her the one?

AR: I 'stalked' Brooklyn because she was so beautiful and informed about all sports. Curiosity got the best of me. I somehow managed a date and fell in love with a truly beautiful and intelligent woman. How lucky can one guy be?

C&S: Brooklyn has been credited with encouraging you to reinvigorate your game. True?

AR: To be successful, you need people to believe in you. Brooklyn is my biggest fan and the most positive person I know.

C&S: Any goals for 2010?

AR: Winning Wimbledon is at the top of my list.

Click on the link above for more interesting Q&A.

Charles Bricker: "Looking at the 2010 Andy Roddick":
Why has Roddick improved? Here are the salient points:

• Higher fitness level after some weight loss.

• Higher confidence in the longer rallies. He has never been as good as he is today grinding points, and that accounts in part for his best-ever round-of-16 finish at the French Open.

• Transition game. It's still a work in progress, but compare Roddick's work inside the service line today with even a year ago. He's a more solid volleyer. His footwork around the net is better. Most of all, his flow to the net from the backcourt is smarter, more technically sound.

[. . .] He will continue to be a factor at the three fast-court Slams because, unlike a lot of players who just sort of "play it out" in their late 20s, Roddick continues to learn.

Click on the link above to read more of Bricker's breakdown of Andy's improvements.

Cute Andy icon created by Ethan at

I Don't Mean To Brag But...

...the World's Best Worst Tennis Player has been ensconced in the Top Ten for eight years straight now (seven years in the top eight). Andy finishes his 2009 year at world number seven. Vamos, Andy!

SI mailbag, November 11:
Hopefully this makes the mailbag because I just killed two hours of "work-time" researching this. Hi, Jon, something for all of the anti-Roddites out there: Roddick and Federer will finish the year in the top 10 for the seventh consecutive year. The only other players to accomplish the feat (since the ATP began keeping rankings in 1973) are: Connors (16 years in a row), Ivan Lendl (13), Sampras (12), Stefan Edberg (10), Guillermo Vilas (9), Andre Agassi (8 in a row and 16 of 18), Boris Becker (8), Bjorn Borg (8), John McEnroe (8) and Mats Wilander (7). Not a bad list to be included in. —Blake Redabaugh, Denver

JON WERTHEIM: Next time we read one of those grim reports about productivity, we'll think of you, Blake Redabaugh. I would like some consulting firm to study what percent of "work time" is devoted to on-line fun. Anyway, according to the ATP, Blake is correct. And, yes, this does speak well of Roddick.

I've written this before, but I've noticed that the "anti-Roddites" seem to be an international movement that uses Roddick as a sort of "tennis pr0xy" for everything they don't like about the United States in general: Lots of power but a deficit of nuance. A certain cowboy swagger. Wit and irony that, while funny and familiar to those of us who watch Jon Stewart, sometimes gets lost in translation. Assuming the polls and anecdotal evidence are to be believed, the global impression of the U.S. has surged in the past week. Maybe Roddick's popularity in the Republic of Tennis will spike accordingly.

In Wifey News...

Brooklyn is climbing her way up the high-end modeling ladder. She has recently modeled for Elle's new "Make Better" fitness/healthy/beauty DVDs, she talks about it here. There is more information about the DVDs here, where you can also purchase.

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