Saturday, July 04, 2009

Roddick Rains on Murraymania Parade

SF: Roddick def Murray 
6-4, 4-6, 7-6 (9-7), 7-6 (7-5)

And I'm still over the moon about it, nor can I quite put into words what I'm feeling. What a legendary performance from Andy Roddick. No doubt this ranks as one of his best wins in his career.

As it happened: Andy Murray vs Andy Roddick, Wimbledon 2009 [The Guardian]

Nobody gave Andy a snowball's chance in hell of beating Murray. Not any "expert" or pundit, not the bettors sites, not his own fans and defenders (not even me), and certainly not the British media who have been drunk on Murraymania all week long and had looked past Roddick in anticipation of their "dream final" of Murray vs Federer.

Larry Stefanki and Team Roddick did not get that memo. They had a master plan worked out and Roddick executed it beautifully. The world ate a massive piece of humble pie when the forgotten and dismissed champion, Andy Roddick, sent the Scottish hero home to bed without any supper. Eat up, everyone. Om nom nom.

Here's a video of Andy's interview with Mary Carillo and John McEnroe after his semifinal win over Andy Murray. You can see just how much the win meant to him and how humbled he is by making another Wimbledon final, something he thought he'd never do again.

"I feel like the guy who shot Bambi." — Andy Roddick, on beating Murray

And here is Andy's after-match oncourt interview with the BBC. If you saw this live tell me you did not tear up watching this. I don't cry often over sports but seeing Andy collapse on the stairs while the Wimbledon club members applauded him really got me choked up. Mary Carillo said Andy did not know that the cameraman was right behind him. What a moment.

Video: Roddick beats Murray then collapses

"Our Andy beat your Andy!" — gleeful headline from ESPN's Sportscenter

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LantyRouge said...

This match, the final, and Andy's runner-up speech afterwards made it one of the best and most bittersweet Wimbys for me. Thank you for keeping this blog going! (I've been rss-ing you for years :) I've linked to BBC's final Wimby montage (with not nearly enough AndyR in it methinks, but still v moving) on Twitter if you haven't already seen it somewhere -

tangerine said...

Hi LantyRouge, thanks for the lovely BBC montage. I've added you to my Twitter follows. :)

tennisgirl said...

hej i found you on blogcatalog
and since i am a huge tennis fan i am here
that was a great match

tangerine said...

Hi tennisgirl, welcome here. :)

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