Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Andy spams Twitter, calls Bobby Bones to Chat

Andy and Brooklyn cut their honeymoon a bit short to attend a Dave Matthews Band concert in Charlotte last Friday. This morning Andy spammed on Twitter, admitting that he's only just learned how to use it today, wrote a new blog entry talking about the wedding and such, and called in to the Bobby Bones show to talk some more about his wedding and honeymoon.

Listen to the audio here.

Updated 4/30/09: Now Brooklyn has gotten into the Twittering habit. Check her out here.

He sounds happy and relaxed. Funny about his comment on the paparazzi photos of his wedding. He really was surprised by the media response. Unfortunately for him, by not selling rights to an official wedding portrait for charity that only made the paparazzi guys rich. Now that he knows better, he should keep this in mind for the next big event (hint: baby). Once burned, twice shy. Looks like Roger had the right idea selling exclusive rights to his wedding photos.

Tennis Weddings in the Media

Besides Roger's wedding making the cover of Hello! magazine, both he and Andy were also featured in this week's People magazine. The Broddick wedding was the No. 3 top story on People's website that week, and they also made Yahoo!'s home page featured story.

Back briefly to tennis, Rome has been interrupted by rain over the past few days and it's not due to clear up soon. Good thing Andy decided not to go, otherwise he would have likely picked up another injury on the muddy clay.

Bad Rumor Alert

I'd like to take this opportunity to ask various celebrity gossip sites to stop parroting one another by recycling this latest dumb rumor about Andy supposedly being obsessed with Mandy Moore. Both are now married to other people. Can't the rumor-mongers come up with anything better than this? Honestly, the only girl Andy should be obsessed with (besides his new wife) is the one that got away and her name is Wimbledon.


Jule said...

looks like he is more obsessed with twitter (now that he figured it out) rather than Mandy. stupid rumors. thanks for the update though, fun stuff

Anonymous said...

andy has discovered the joys of twittering! loving the updates (mmm starbucks)

Anonymous said...

I don't know about Andy obsessing Mandy but he absolutely checks the every celeb gossip magazines through and through. I just know...:(

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