Saturday, April 04, 2009

He's Come Undone

"Don't feel too sorry for Roger because none of us do. He’s spent far too long getting right into our heads, now let’s see if he’s going to be subjected to a little anguish and self-belief problems."Andy Roddick

Roger Federer is losing his mind. ESPN called it the best forehand he hit all day. I was shocked when Roger obliterated his racket like that but check out the end of the video where he's tossing his empty water bottles around while the ballboys scramble to pick them up. LOL. And people complain about Andy's behavior?

Regarding Andy's quote above, would you believe that he said that over a year ago, just before Queen's, but only now it's being reported? Craig Hickman had an interesting take:
It almost seems as though people have been sitting on this stuff just waiting until Raja fell.

Quite frankly, I have a problem with that.

Don't build a person up and then take pleasure in kicking them in the gut when they're down.

I don't want that for anyone, whether I like them or not.

Yes, Raja has the titles and the records.

But too many people propped him up. Not because he didn't deserve to be propped up, but there was virtually no critical insight into the majestic world Raja had created, not just through his tennis, but through his obvious efforts to "get right into [his competition's] heads." Many of these writers and analysts painted that world with saturated colors. Safe to say some even did their part in trying to ensure that the technicolor world never ended. As though they had a personal stake in its longevity. As though they couldn't live with themselves if Raja didn't break every record in tennis and wanted -- no needed -- to do all they could to help.

Andy said this last year and it's just coming out now?

That in itself is a story that someone needs to tell.

Amen, Craig. And what about the "He's human!" battlecry Roger's fans have been crying lately. Just now they figured that out. So who exactly are they trying to convince? I'll tell you who: themselves. It was they who put Federer on the Jesus pedestal in the first place. Now the shine has come off, and Roger's fans are understandably alarmed. The facade Roger has worked so hard to maintain all these years has crumbled like dirt under Nadal's feet. What to make of it all.

Watching Roger's miserable post-match interview was stunning. Roger lacks the je ne sais quoi that Andy often shows in his interviews after facing a heartbreaking loss but I couldn't believe what I was hearing when he said "Thank God the hardcourt season is over. I don’t care anymore. I’m moving over to clay, a new chapter."

You hear that? The world's best hardcourt player can't wait to move on to clay, where Rafa Nadal will most likely be waiting to kick dirt in his face again and rob him of his French Open title dream again.

It's like watching Roddick circa 2005. The karma comes full circle. I've always thought that hubris would be Roger's downfall, and now it's happening before our very eyes. I can't stop watching.

Denial, meet Egypt.

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