Thursday, April 16, 2009

Details on Broddick Nuptials Emerge

Updated April 17, 2009

Weather's not looking so great in Austin, Texas today.

Looks nice and sunny in Charlotte, North Carolina. Too bad they're not getting wed in Brooklyn's neighborhood.

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Now that the whole world knows where they're getting married this weekend and what she'll be wearing, what are the chances this wedding will be ruined by the stalkarazzi? Or rain? Or wedding crashers? People are blabbing about private details and the local media is going bonkers over this "hush-hush" wedding. According to an Austin blog:
Brooklyn will wear a Vera Wang dress. Vera Wang offered to make the dress. She is a good friend of Andy’s. They know each other because Vera and Andy have stayed in neighboring properties in Hawaii for some time.

Andy had offers from several designers including Austin-born Tom Ford for his wedding outfit. However, he is keeping the look a secret until the wedding day.

There will be 30 people, mostly family and a few friends.

The Saturday reception will be at Stubb’s.

Andy doesn’t want to provide photos to the media.

Elton John will play at the wedding, which will likely be outside.

There isn’t a backup plan if there’s bad weather on Saturday.

Andy keeping his wedding look a secret? What's he gonna do, wear flip-flops? Ruffles? A new mohawk cut (after losing yet another bet to Brooke?)

They say they won't be releasing any photos to the public. That pretty much guarantees uninvited paparazzi guests. Smart move!

I'm still waiting for the punchline when somebody says "Ha ha, fooled ya! We eloped in Peru two weeks ago!"

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