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Off-Season Mishmash

Updated December 23, 2007

All I Want for Christmas is Andy Roddick

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Updated December 19, 2007

With the off-season comes lots of charity work and more hilarious player impersonations from Andy during exos. Check out these latest additions made to YouTube:

Andy impersonates Serena Williams

Andy impersonates Rafael Nadal

The YouTube user uploaded many other videos of Andy's impersonations including Boris Becker, Andre Agassi, Pete Sampras, Maria Sharapova, and John McEnroe. Really funny collection.

Robby Ginepri got even with Andy, though, and did his own (pretty good) impersonation of Andy! Check it out here.

Just in Time for the Holidays: Andy's Fragrance Hits the Stores

Andy signed a fragrance deal with Parlux such a long time ago that I was beginning to think his scent had been permanently shelved. But it turns out that it was released, just with very little fanfare. I don't recall ever seeing a press release about it.

SMELLS LIKE TEAM RODDICK. Sorry, no scratch and sniff available on computer screens. (right-click for larger image)

The scent contains such masculine aromas as Frozen Bergamot, White Birch, Blue Cypress, Frosted Nutmeg, and Blonde Woods. I have to ask, what the heck is a blonde woods? I Googled "blonde woods" and all I got was Elle Woods from "Legally Blonde." So what is Andy saying about himself with this? That's he's legally blonde? Hahaha. Also, do Andy's pheromones really smell like Frosted Nutmeg?, because that really gets me into the winter holiday mood, ho-ho-ho. Jingle my bells, Andy.

Beware, Hecklers: Roddick Will Make You Pay

One of the funnier aspects of Andy's appearances at exos (besides his impersonations of other players) is how he engages the crowd so well, in particular, how he calls out hecklers and makes them pay for their insolence. Muahaha.

From the Omaha World Herald: Roddick rocks the night.
Stop everything, Andy Roddick said. Hold on.

He called the heckler, an 18 year old wearing a self-designed T-shirt that declared love for Roddick, down from the crowd. He walked to the microphone.

Did you all hear what he said, Roddick asked the crowd of about 6,000 at the Qwest Center: "He said, Andy, you wuss."

So, in the middle of Roddick's singles exhibition match, he invited the kid to grab a racquet. Take position opposite the net. Get ready.

Then Roddick hit a serve, 144 mph, directly at the kid, who ran for cover upon contact.

The crowd roared.

"That's about as tough as a tennis player can feel - ever," Roddick said.

In his first-ever professional performance in the town where he was born, Roddick mixed world-class tennis with the charisma that makes him not just a racquet master, but a celebrity.

He came out of the locker room wearing a Nebraska football helmet, much to the approval of Tom Osborne. He ran the option with Eric Crouch, assigning the Heisman winner the I-back role. He consistently bantered with the crowd and fired balls into the cheap seats. And, of course, he displayed overwhelming power and deft touch.

[. . .]

The exhibition, Rock-n-Racquets, came to Omaha for the first time. Roddick started it in 2002 with Andre Agassi. Agassi has since retired, so Roddick called on Williams, owner of eight Grand Slam titles and an Olympic gold medal.

The idea: develop tennis interest in places like Omaha that rarely see the sport up close, said Williams, who'd never been to Nebraska. The idea worked, mostly because of Roddick.

"He's been really entertaining," said Dena Noe, a tennis novice from Lincoln. "I didn't expect that. He's got a great personality - and a really odd serve. I think they're having a lot of fun together."

ATTENTION FANS! Andy's player impersonations are great but what I really, really, really would love to see is him do next is Novak Djokovic. All spring and summer long Djokovic was making a name for himself as the ATP Class Clown doing hilarious impressions of various players, including Andy. I would very much like to see Andy return the favor. So to any of you who plan to attend any future exos where Andy is playing, take your phone camera, and demand that he do a Novak Djokovic impersonation. It's guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser. Thanks much.

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Updated December 17, 2007

Roddick Pinch-Hits for Justin Gimelstob Charity Event

The Star-Ledger, NJ. Roddick pinch-hits to help charity:
Tennis and snow don't often go together, but yesterday's sloppy storm created quite a treat for tennis fans at Justin Gimelstob's charity exhibition in Chatham.

When the storm grounded Murphy Jensen's flight from Los Angeles into Newark yesterday, Gimelstob found a pretty decent replacement. He just called Andy Roddick.

Fresh off his Davis Cup victory less than two weeks ago, the No. 6 player in the world pulled on his shorts and filled in quite adequately for the absent Jensen, adding some real flair to an event that already featured John and Patrick McEnroe, as well as Gimelstob and Luke Jensen.

Roddick, who is good friends with Gimelstob, came to New York to chill out for a few days, "to disappear," as he put it, and was actually hitting with Gimelstob on Wednesday at Centercourt.

It was a total surprise to the fans who crammed into the Centercourt club in Chatham, already content to see the McEnroe's and Gimelstob and help raise money for the Justin Gimelstob Children's fund for children with cancer and blood disorders.

"It's amazing that he would come here at a moment's notice like this," a beaming Gimelstob said. "I know I'm going to owe him a kidney or something now. But I hope people appreciate how cool this is, to have two huge champions like him and John here at the event, support tennis in New Jersey and doing their part for the charity."

The Star-Ledger, NJ. Tennis stars serve up fun:
Kevin Wolfer considered his $13,000 winning bid a bargain.

After all, not everyone gets to be Andy Roddick's guest for the duration of the U.S. Open.

"I go to the Open all the time," said Wolfer, the Cresskill resident who won the chance at Thursday night's tennis exhibition for the Justin Gimelstob Children's Fund. "I try to take my vacation during the Open. It was a good deal and it's for a great cause."

Gimelstob, of New Vernon, John and Patrick McEnroe and Luke Jensen took part in the exhibition at the Center Court Racquet Club in Chatham. The special guest of the evening? Roddick.

The presence of the top-ranked American men's player left the girls swooning.

"It is so exciting," said 14-year-old Katie Goepel of Chatham. "My sister and I were jumping up and down a few hours ago when we found out Andy would be here. He's good-looking and really funny. He's got a good sense of humor. Andy's an amazing player with an amazing serve."

Yulia Khaline of Millburn couldn't believe Roddick would be playing at Center Court.

"We had no idea," Khaline said. "We were surprised. Everyone in the whole world knows who he is."

Melissa Mann, another teen-ager from Millburn, said the news about Roddick was leaked by Jason Magnes, one of the state's top boys players. Roddick practiced with Gimelstob on Wednesday at Center Court. It was then that Gimelstob persuaded him to come back.

"It's amazing he's here," Mann said. "He's such a force on the tennis court."

Roddick, who played Gimelstob in his last U.S. Open in September, was paired with Davis Cup captain Pat McEnroe in the night's first match. They played Jensen and Gimelstob in a match Roddick referred to as "Champs vs. Chumps."

It wasn't long before Roddick teased Gimelstob, now retired. "You look like you put on some weight in your legs since you stopped playing," Roddick said.

Related article:
• "For some players, December is our time to give back" [Justin Gimelstob blog,]

There is a streaming video of highlights from the event here. If you have problems with buffering, you can download the flash video here (thanks to Raina).

Photos from the event (click on thumbnail for larger pic).

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Finally, A Broddick Sighting

The celebrity gossip blog has published several nice photos of Andy and Brooklyn holding hands while walking around New York City's Union Square. They make a nice looking couple. My only complaint is that ripped jeans have not been in vogue since the early 90s so I'm hoping Brooklyn's fashion sense will rub off on Andy and those awful jeans will disappear from his wardrobe.

Brooklyn Video
I found this video profile of Brooklyn where she talks about herself, how she likes living in New York City, and her favorite band is the same as Andy's: The Dave Matthews Band.

Why was Andy in New York Anyway?
The NYPost says:
WE HEAR: That after he helped the US win the Davis Cup for the first time in 12 years, Andy Roddick flew to New York for a routine checkup of his fast feet with Dr. Josh Dines and Dr. Rock Positano of the Hospital for Special Surgery.

A lot of fans seem to have already formed an opinion about Ms. Decker. Here's mine: there are only two things that concern me, One. Does she make him happy? Going by just the few photos I have seen of them together the answer appears to be yes. So far so good. Two. Does she inspire him? In other words, will Decker be one of those suck-the-life-energy-out-of-him type of parasitic trophy girlfriends or will she inspire him to be the best that he can be, both as an athlete and as a human being? Judging by his recent results on the court, and his relaxed attitude and behavior, I am inclined to believe that she has had a positive influence on him. Anything else about Andy's girlfriends I could not care less about. I don't care what she looks like, how old she is, if she's a model or a former frumpy "Survivor" contestant, or whether their relationship will "last", none of these things matter to me as a fan of Andy Roddick. I only want to see him happy and to succeed in his dreams. Should Andy win another slam on her watch, I will be the first to demand that Brooklyn Decker be cloned.

If the Tennis Thing Doesn't Work Out, There's Always "Dancing with the Stars"

It's the tennis off-season so that means nothing but useless celebrity gossip, tidbits, and other fun stuff to talk about, such as the idea of Andy appearing on "Dancing with the Stars". As reported by Sign on San Diego, Cheryl Burke, who tangoed to a title with Emmitt Smith in 2006, gives us five other sports personalities she'd love to partner with on future “Dancing With The Stars” seasons and Andy Roddick was one them. Cheryl says, "I've read a few quotes from him in the media and he seems to have the sense of humor that would make him ideal for the show."

Maybe she also heard Bob Bryan say that Andy showed off some "Jackson Five moves" when they recently celebrated their Davis Cup win.

And You Thought You Were Obsessed

Foals singer Yannis Philippakis has a huge man-crush on Andy. In almost every interview I've seen on this guy and his band, Roddick is always mentioned. A sampling:

From the Telegraph, UK:
One of the most bizarre of these obsessions is former World No 1 tennis player Andy Roddick. "He's not the most talented tennis player ever," Philippakis explains, "but the idea of psychological discipline and no Plan B - I like that. It's the pathos, too. There's a kind of tragic-hero quality. He's like someone out of The Great Gatsby."

So what would he be doing if a burgeoning music career hadn’t taken him in its grip?
Yannis: "Maybe playing tennis. I used to be really good actually. I have a thing for Andy Roddick, I think he’s f**king awesome."

From Spin magazine:
Fun Fact: Singer Yannis Philippakis is a tennis fanatic and American Grand Slam pro Andy Roddick is his favorite player. The lyrics for "The French Open" are based on Roddick's advert with Lacoste. [You can watch a live version of this song on YouTube here.]

The Foals. (photo from the BBC)

I think it's great that Andy inspires so many creative people (another fun fact: did you know that Boyd Tinsley's song "The Ghosts of Wimbledon" was also inspired by Andy?) Although, I'm surprised that somebody would sing a song called "The French Open" in honor of Andy. Why not use a more appropriate title, such as "No Plan B"?

Andy Has a Gay Moment (Without Realizing It)

Cover your eyes, chillen!!!!!!

While we're on the juicy tidbits subject, I guess now is as good a time as any to point you all to this bizarre photo of a fan getting a tad too close to Andy. It was taken back in 2005 after his loss at the US Open. It's clear that Andy was not in on the joke ("He had no idea I was that close to licking his face," says brazen fan Nate) which makes it even funnier. I'm surprised nobody saw this photo until recently. If he hasn't already, I'm sure that Nate will be hailed as a national hero in gay tennis circles. I'm also pretty sure that should Andy see this photo he will sh*t a brick or two. Or three.

GayWired has a profile this month's "World's Sexiest Athlete: Andy Roddick" here.

OutSports names it's Top Ten Sexiest Tennis Players and Andy falls in at No. 9:
Andy Roddick has an on-court attitude that leaves something to be desired. His overplayed machismo can induce vomiting, but fortunately the Top Ten Hotties List doesn’t have a gag reflex. The American is spoiled and whiny in defeat, pompous and arrogant in victory. In fact, one might say that Andy is a big Roddick. We complain about it during tournaments, but now is the time to come out of the closet and confess our crush on the man with one of the most punishing serves in tennis. After all, who doesn’t love a bad boy? Roddick struts around the baseline with his muscular chest poking out; he stares intensely while teasingly tugging at his crotch; and he pounds ace after ace after ace until we beg him to stop. Andy’s all-American good looks and self-satisfied grin are just as lethal.

I don't mean to nitpick with OutSports but their comment, "spoiled and whiny in defeat, pompous and arrogant in victory" couldn't be more off-base. I challenge them to show us a recent interview from Roddick that clearly demonstrates such characteristics. I'm not saying that Andy's a perfect little angel (don't make me laugh) but "spoiled and whiny in defeat"? Since when? It just goes to show that some people's perception of a media image can't be further from the truth.

By the way, No. 1 on their hottie list was Novak Djokovic. If OutSports needs to see what pompous and arrogant really looks like check out this hilarious interview of Novak from 2006.

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