Thursday, October 12, 2006

Roddick Rolls in Vienna

Updated October 14, 2006

SF: Gonzalez def Roddick
6-4 3-6 7-6(5)
QF: Roddick def Melzer
6-4 6-3
R2: Roddick def Gasquet
6-7(5) 6-1 6-3
R1: Roddick def Acasuso
6-0 7-6(2)

Roddick losing to Gonzo isn't quite a shock, even if Roddick leads 6-2 in their h/t/h. Their matches have always been so hard-fought that Roddick's wins were never really that easy. He's beaten Gonzalez three times this year so it almost seems fitting that Gonzo would finally get a win over Roddick here. When you view the highlights you will see how well both players were playing but that Gonzo's monster forehand proved to be just too much for Andy to handle. That's okay. I am quite happy with Roddick's performance this week in Vienna, he made the semifinals, picked up a few race points, and more importantly, his own monster forehand seems to be back in action (for now) and his net game is looking so good these days. Hopefully he can improve upon his results when he heads to Madrid which begins October 16. Roddick will likely get a Tuesday start.

Laughable Headline of the Day from where else but Yahoo! Sports. Apparently, losing in the semifinals of a tournament is "an early exit." Glad to see that expectations for Roddick have been raised considerably.

Random Roddick Fact of the Week
For those of you wondering about the new pink bracelet that Andy has been wearing this week, it is in honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. If you saw Roddick's interview with Ellen DeGeneres a short while back, she had mentioned this.

Curious Roddick Quote of the Week
For some reason we're not allowed to speculate/gossip/talk about Roddick's romantic life over at So feel free to speculate here!

From the UK's Guardian, "Revitalized Roddick Sets Sights on Davis Cup":
"You guys know everybody except who I actually go on dates with. It's better to know a non-celebrity because you guys have no clue about this person."

How Much Do You Guys Love Me?
Actually, how much do I love YOU? A big, wet, sloppy thank-you kiss to the fans who send me links to photos and videos I wouldn't otherwise have access to. You rule!

DOWNLOAD Roddick vs Gonzalez highlights here and here (I disabled the YSI sign-up) and here.

WATCH a news segment about Andy's charity here. (about the headline the video creator used: I'm quite certain that she was being sarcastic because Roddick's anti-fans are always calling him a jerk)

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Originally posted October 12, 2006

This blog will be updated intermittently while I work to get my photo gallery, videos, server, etc. squared away. A new blog design is in the works, too, which I'm excited about.

Laughable News Headline of the Day: "A-Rod Struggles to Win" from the logic-challenged Eurosport, of course. I love the old file photo they use of Roddick where he clearly looks like he's struggling. Just to make their point. LOL.

Roddick Recovers to Defeat Gasquet
In a match of the highest quality, Roddick struggled to deal with the powerful groundstrokes and fierce backhand passes of Gasquet, one of only four players to beat world number one Roger Federer in the last two seasons.

The first-set tiebreak ended in controversy when a spectator called out during a Roddick second serve at 5-5, the American netting a forehand before Gasquet took the set.

"It was a little annoying," Roddick told reporters. "I don't feel I got much on the second serve because I hesitated halfway through it."

An angry Roddick knocked over a bin at courtside and remonstrated with the umpire to no avail.

"Sometimes I'm upset and there's only one person to talk to out there and unfortunately it falls on the umpire's shoulders a lot of the time," said Roddick.

"But I think it was all in jest. He was smiling at the end of it."

Gasquet had less depth on his groundstrokes in the second set as Roddick bounced back.

The American also served well, giving up only three points on serve in the second set and two in the third.

A break at 4-1 allowed Roddick to serve out the second set to love, and further breaks at each end of the third set secured a satisfying victory.

"I came out of the first set thinking this is trouble because I felt like I hit the ball pretty well and still got on the bad end of it," said Roddick.

"He was able to hit some shots that not a lot of people can."

Hmm. No struggling here.

Andy's quarterfinal opponent will be Jurgen Melzer whom Andy owns 5-0. Keep on winning, Andy!

DOWNLOAD .avi file of Roddick vs Gasquet highlights here.

WATCH Roddick vs Gasquet here.

Listen to the commentators talk about Roddick:
Eurosport commentator: "It's amazing isn't it? This is Andy Roddick. Normally you admire him for his pace and power but he's playing pretty tennis now, isn't he?"

Commentator #2: "Yes. A good all-around all-court player."

"You can no longer say that his backhand is a weakness."

"I don't think I've enjoyed the sheer tennis from the American as I have this evening."

Awesome. Keep up the confidence play, Andy!

Wait! There's more...

DOWNLOAD Roddick vs Sampras World Team Tennis highlights, Part 1 here.

DOWNLOAD Roddick vs Sampras World Team Tennis highlights, Part 2 here.

Megaupload Trick: Disable Country Download Slots Limit
Courtesy of Blog is Everything

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3. In the "from" option, select English to German. Other option besides English to German might work.
4. Hit the Translate button and wait for the download page to load.

Now, you can see that you can download the file that previously you couldn't. No download slots limit!

Incidentally, using Google Translate is also a good way to get past firewalls.

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Andy Parties in People Again
Third week in a row! Must be some kind of record for a tennis star. I like the part that says that Roddick "announced" his break-up with Maria Sharapova. Whew! Now we can focus on his true love match Paris Hilton.

Free Image Hosting at

Also, Tammy over at wants all us shallow folks to sign her petition to get Andy to play shirtless. So I figure, hey, if we can band together to get Andy on Ellen DeGeneres' show and make ACE magazine apologize then we can certainly coerce him to lose the shirt which is just taking up court space anyway.

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