Thursday, October 05, 2006

Andy Loves Ellen...and Paris?

What you came here for:

Andy pays a visit to Ellen DeGeneres [DOWNLOAD hi-res .mp4]

or you can WATCH it here.

What you're leaving with:

Randy Andy parties with Paris Hilton (and a whole bunch of other happy, drunk women) in Las Vegas.

Notice that Andy's and Paris' clothes do not match in the first and second photos. Not that that means anything. They could've made a quick change after having limousine sex. Heh.


apple said...

he he....i never noticed that shirt change...or her clothes were different

Anonymous said...

they both went to the party on 29Sep and 30Sep, the 1st pic was taken on 29Sep, the 2nd pic was taken on 30Sep... :-)

rockitlikeroddick said...

lol I still think it's funny (limousine sex lol!!!)

Kylie said...

2 different days, Paris is on a year long sex ban, she dosn't want to sleep with anyone for a year, and she dosn't want to date anyone,either. Andy has more class than to randomly sleep with people too, I'd think. But who knows!

Anonymous said...

and u believe paris that she is on a sex ban???

she probably did it with evey guy at the club!

Anonymous said...

please what guy wouldn't?
Only thing that should scare them is STDS. The amount of people these 'people' sleep with and then swap bf's.
Not cool.

Anonymous said...

how can someone be that trashy like paris?????????
no sense of dignity! despite all the money...

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