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Roddick Withdraws from Legg Mason

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Updated July 30, 2006

More rotten luck for Roddick.

Injured Roddick Pulls Out of Washington Tournament
Andy Roddick withdrew from the Legg Mason Classic on Monday because of an abdominal muscle strain he sustained last week in Los Angeles.

The number two seed suffered the injury during his quarter-final victory over fellow American Scott Oudesma.

"Right now it's more soreness than a sharp pain, which is a good thing," said Roddick, the 2005 Washington champion. "When I first did it last Thursday, it felt like someone stabbed me in the side.

"As soon as it happened, I knew I was in trouble."

Roddick, however, doubts that the injury will hamper his preparations for the U.S. Open, which begins on Aug. 28 in New York.

"Fortunately, there's still some time for me before the U.S. Open," Roddick said. "It's not like the U.S. Open is next week. I'm still scheduled to play a couple of tournaments before the Open so hopefully I can get out there and be healthy."

The 23-year-old Roddick, a former world number one, has slipped to 10th in the rankings, though he reached the final in Indianapolis this month.

"It's frustrating for me because I feel I've finally started playing good tennis," Roddick said.

Roddick, the 2003 U.S. Open champion who recently hired Jimmy Connors as his coach, was scheduled to play on Wednesday against Jenko Tipsarevic of Serbia and Montenegro.

"If you would have told me four days ago this is what we were dealing with I would have been happy," he said. "Yesterday I thought there was a chance I could play.

"But if I had gotten out there, I would have had hardly any practice. The last thing I'd want to do is re-injure my side with the Open right around the corner."

Roddick will be replaced in the main draw by American Jan-Michael Gambill.


Andy Roddick, concerned over a lower back injury that has cast doubt upon his fitness for the US Open in four weeks, withdrew from the ATP Washington Classic.

The 23-year-old American practiced Monday for 30 minutes, his first workout since the injury, and felt pain despite four days of rest and treatment, pushing him to skip a title defence with hopes of top form for the US Open.

"I could feel it out there," he said. "I didn't feel like I was well enough to play sets and practice tomorrow, therefore I'd be shoddy Wednesday."

"The last thing I want to do is reinjure it with the US Open around the corner. I'll try hitting in three or four days and we'll see what happens. Fortunately we have some time before the Open. It's not like it's next week."

Roddick suffered the lower left back strain during a 6-7 (3/7), 6-3, 6-2 second-round triumph over US wild card Scott Oudsema in Los Angeles and pulled out before a scheduled quarter-final match.

"It felt like someone stabbed me in the side," Roddick said.

Roddick said there is no timetable for his return but plans to play Masters Series events next week in Toronto and the following week in Cincinnati.

"Hopefully I can get out there and play a couple matches before the Open," he said.

Roddick intends to continue the treatment he has been receiving - ice, anti-inflammatories, ultrasound and electric stimulation.

"That coupled with rest is our best shot at it," he said.

The injury derailed momentum Roddick had hoped to build following a run to the finals two weeks ago at Indianapolis, where he lost to James Blake. Roddick beat Blake here in last year's final.

"It's disappointing I won't get to defend," Roddick said. "I feel like I started to play good tennis. To have that momentum halted by this is frustrating."

Roddick was unable to remove his own socks after the injury, which causes pain in an area where he must twist and turn to serve effectively.

"It's a little tough to hide from, this injury. It isn't good, especially trying to crunch down on the serve," Roddick said.

"I wasn't expecting to be feeling this good to be honest. It's so much better than it was four days ago."

Retired legend Jimmy Connors has started working with Roddick as a consultant, responding to an overture from Roddick.

"I was shocked and pleasantly surprised when Jimmy expresssed interest," Roddick said. "I'm about as excited as you can imagine about the prospect."

I cannot believe how maddening this all is. This has to be the fourth time in so many months where, whenever Roddick looks to finally be getting back in the saddle and playing some great tennis again, somebody pulls the rug out from under him and sucks the momentum right out of him. I'm really very angry at the unfairness of it all. He works so hard, he has such a good heart—when will this run of bad luck finally end?

And now he will fall out of the Top Ten again. He has no points to defend next week in Montreal but has 350 points to defend at Cincy which puts him at 16 in safe points for the USO seeds. That doesn't include the fact that people around him are very close to him in the rankings and will likely pick up points at the masters events, too.

Godspeed, Andy.

* * *
Roddick Owns Lars Graf
This is one of the funnier tirades Andy has unleashed against a hapless chair umpire, in this case the victim is Lars Graf. Some classic Roddick quotes from the video:

"You're fucking useless, man."

"How about doing an equally shitty job or something?"

"For someone who's been on tour for 86 years, you don't have an answer for much do you?"

Download the FLIPSIDE video here.

Download the PROSPORTS: MEN OF TENNIS video here.

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Originally posted July 29, 2006

LA: Inconvenient Injury Wins Again

Scroll down for links to new videos just added.

Originally posted July 28, 2006

R16: Roddick def Oudsema
6-7(3) 6-3 6-2
R32: Roddick def De Voest
6-4 6-4

Andy has withdrawn from the Countrywide Classic due to a left side muscle strain incurred in his second round match Thursday evening.

While reaching for a shot, Andy strained the muscle late in the third set. He was barely able to finish the match, but fought through the pain to advance to the quarterfinals over Scott Oudsema 6-7(3), 6-3, 6-2. After receiving on court treatment from the ATP Trainer and post match treatment from Doug Spreen, the decision was made this afternoon to avoid further injury and withdraw from tonight’s quarterfinal match.

“During the next couple of days we will focus on treatment to reduce the pain and inflammation,” Athletic Trainer Doug Spreen told “Overall, we just want to make Andy as comfortable as possible and we will evaluate the strain on a daily basis.”

In his post match press conference Thursday evening, Andy said he planned for “lots of ice,” and would discuss the situation with Jimmy, John and Doug but ultimately “It will be my decision,” he concluded. With the US Open less than one month away, Andy stressed his decision would be heavily influenced by the potential to further aggravate the injury. “If there’s a chance that I’d risk doing serious damage, I’d pull out. I have to look at the big picture.”

Team Roddick is looking at a Wednesday starts for DC which gives him a week to recover.

What the Players Said
RODDICK: “You always want to finish a tournament on your terms and not pull out with an injury. It’s disappointing, but I need to really look at the big picture.”

“It’s improved, but last night I had trouble taking my socks off after the match. I literally couldn’t bend over at all. There’s improvement, but certainly not enough to even consider playing.”

On being ready to play in Washington D.C.’s Legg Mason Classic: “I hope so. At this point it’s guarded optimism, that’s for sure. I’d be hopeful, but nothing more than that at this point.”

* * *
Roddick wins but the Charlie Brown cloud arrives again

Very happy to see Andy to recover so well and adjust his game after dropping the first set. But things never seem to go as you want them to. Had Roddick taken care of Oudsema in two sets like he should've done, he wouldn't have strained his back. Why must he always injure himself whenever he starts to play well again? Grrr.

Coach John Roddick made no mention of Andy's injury in his update:
Andy got through a tough match against Oudsema tonight. Andy served great again. After the first set, Andy realized he didn’t have to hit huge shots to win points, and he started making Oudsema hit more balls. Sometimes against younger players, you think you need to hit the ball like you would against a tour veteran, but then you realize that they may be hitting big, but hitting big inconsistently. Once Andy made Oudsema play more balls in each point, the momentum switched dramatically.

Right now we are all waiting on pins and needles to see what Team Roddick's decision will be for tonight's QF match with Tursunov. Personally, I feel that even if he's feeling 95% good he should just forfeit. It makes no sense to risk reinjuring yourself when there are bigger tournaments worth bigger points to play in soon.

Roddick's injured back a concern
Andy Roddick's injured back could force him out of the Countrywide Classic. With the U.S. Open coming up next month, he certainly doesn't want to make things any worse.

The 2003 Open champion winced in pain after hitting a shot late in his second-round match, but held on to take a 6-7 (3), 6-3, 6-2 win over Scott Oudsema in their second-round match Thursday night in Los Angeles.

"If it feels like it feels now, I don't know that there's much hope for tomorrow. But weird things have happened," said Roddick, scheduled to play Dmitry Tursunov on Friday night.

"I think you have to look at the big picture. I'm not going to risk all I have going for me now," he added, referring to his improved play the past two weeks.

The Open begins Aug. 28.

Roddick said the severity of the injury wasn't immediately known.

He hurt himself about midway through the final set and was in obvious pain. He built a 4-1 lead, then began pacing himself, not serving as hard as before, and not even bothering to chase after some shots.

"I hit that one passing shot and strained something in my side," Roddick said, putting his hand on his lower back. "It felt like somebody had stuck something in my side."

He still was able to keep the ball in play until Oudsema -- playing just his second ATP event -- eventually hit out or into the net.

Oudsema, a 20-year-old from Kalamazoo, Mich., ranked 390th, played well in the first set, matching fast serves and powerful groundstrokes with Roddick, ranked 10th and a former No. 1.

Then Oudsema began hitting the ball long or wide or into the net as Roddick took command of the second set. The 23-year-old Roddick kept the pressure on and opened a quick lead in the third set.

"It was tough. It wasn't fun," Roddick said of persisting after he was hurt. "I figured I'd get through. I wasn't going to give him the win."

Tursunov downed wild-card Sam Querrey, an 18-year-old from nearby Thousand Oaks, Calif., 7-5, 6-4.

Tursunov said Querrey has potential, but needs experience.

"My experience is one reason I won today," said the 23-year-old Russian ranked No. 33 in the world.

Querrey said he's been having fun since he joined the tour, but "I'd be having more fun if I'd won today."

He's received some advice from Roddick, among others.

Querrey said Roddick invited him to spend a week at his home in Texas.

"We hung out, played tennis a couple of hours a day, went to dinner together," he said. "He's really a nice guy, generous."

* * *
Andy's and Mandy's Lunch Date

Looks like People magazine is looking to start up the gossip cycle on these two again. From this week's issue:
Mandy & Andy: Friendly Exes

Renee Zellweger and Kenny Chesney aren't the only celeb exes who are still on friendly terms: Mandy Moore and tennis star Andy Roddick, who broke up in 2004 after more than a year together, recently shared an intimate lunch at the poolside Backyard restaurant at L.A.'s W hotel.

Beating the California heat under an oversized canvas umbrella, Roddick and Moore were animated and close during their meal. At one point, two bikini-clad women sashayed past their table, catching Roddick's glance. But after Moore turned her head mid-sentence to see what caught his attention, she quickly engaged him in a conversation that brought his gaze back to her.

Could something more than friendship be brewing? Rumors have been circulating that the actress's relationship with beau Zach Braff is on the rocks. Stay tuned ...

* * *
NEW! Click here to watch a clip of the part where Andy sustained the back injury.

NEW! Click here to watch the clip of the moment Andy won 2003 US Open.

NEW! Click to watch another short clip of Roddick's injury.

DOWNLOAD the video clip of the "Cold Pizza" segment on ESPN where they discuss Roddick hiring Connors as his new coach. These blowhards bash everybody so don't take their comments too seriously. ;)

DOWNLOAD the video clip of Andy's oncourt interview after defeating De Voest.

The "See How They Live" AT&T interactive tennis VIDEO is now up and running.

That memorable point Andy played vs Chela at 2002 US Open is available on YouTube.

TORRENT of Andy and Bobby's RCA doubles championship win is now available to download here.

Originally posted July 26, 2006

LA: Connors Lights Roddick's Fire

"It means a lot when someone who has won as many tennis championships as Jimmy comes through and says, 'I believe in you and I think you can do some great things, and here's how,' "

— ANDY RODDICK. On how Jimmy Connors plans to save his life.

I am still ruminating over the Indy final. How can anybody think of LA at a time like this?

This is Roddick's first appearance at LA since 2002. His first match starts later this afternoon, vs Rik De Voest. Their last match was in 2003 at Queen's Club where Andy cleaned his clock in straight sets.

If Andy loses to this guy, I quit this blog (again).

Roddick arrives for practice in LA. Photo courtesy of Deb.

Preview of LA

R32 vs De Voest. See above.

R16 vs Scott Oudsema. Another American player. Is ranked 390 in the world right now. Plays mostly challengers and futures but just won his first ATP level match by beating Benjamin Becker (GER) in the first round. Roddick has never played him. Oudsema has never seen a 145 mph body serve. See my De Voest comments.

Q vs Dmitry Tursunov. Danger, Will Robinson! Very dangerous player for Andy and not just because Dima's blog was/is better. Their last match at Indy 2005 went to three TBs. Has a giant-killer reputation and can play long, grinding matches. Aggressive baseliner who can handle power players. Recently compared an unfavorable chair umpire to Saddam Hussein. Me worried.

SF vs Andre Agassi or Marat Safin. Should Roddick get past Tursunov alive, the danger isn't over. I don't care how old Agassi is, this man can still beat the younger generation. Roddick has only beaten him once, in 2003. Their last meeting was at 2004 Cincy during a memorable semifinal fraught with high tension and horrendous line calls. Agassi is an excellent returner and can hit brilliantly off both sides. Big servers mean nothing to him; Joachim Johannsson served a record 51 aces vs Agassi at the 2004 Australian Open and he still lost. The deeper Agassi goes in a tournament, the better he plays. If Agassi comes out flat, Roddick stands a chance. But he stands a better chance of making it to the finals if Safin does the honor of taking out Agassi in the quarterfinal.

Final vs Robby Ginepri or Tommy Haas. Lleyton Hewitt was supposed to be the finalist here, before Paul Goldstein ruined that party. So now it could be either Ginepri or Haas. Ironically enough, this final is a cakewalk compared to the QF and SF. Ginepri could still be smarting over his SF loss to Roddick at Indy and Haas is still trying to get his groove back after unfortunate bouts of sickness and injury thoughout the year. If Andy serves like a monster, this title's his.

* * *
Men's Look Forward

Bob Larson previews LA:
There is a certain sense of deja vu about Los Angeles. It looks rather a lot like last week's event at Indianapol is, minus James Blake, except that it's a 32 draw. And -- it has Andre Agassi.

It's not really a surprise that Agassi is here; he won the event last year. It's looking now as if that might be the last title of his career.

Or, of course, it could prove to be the last place he defends a title. It will be a tough but not impossible task. None of the players in the field were Top Ten on last week's rankings. The #1 seed belongs to Andy Roddick -- who, to be sure, is showing a little more life now that we're into the hardcourt season. He has a real chance for the #8 U. S. Open seed, which may be why he took a wildcard here. Lleyton Hewitt will make his summer hardcourt debut as the #2 seed. Fernando Gonzalez is #3, just as he was at Indianapol is; Robby Ginepri is #4, again as in Indianapol is. Agassi takes the #5 seed. Tommy Haas is #6, Dominik Hrbaty #7, and Dmitry Tursunov is #8, meaning that six of the eight seeds here were among the top seven seeds in Indiana.

There are some pretty good unseeded players. Roddick should have an easy ride to the quarterfinal, but Tursunov could face the promising American Sam Querrey in the second round. As for Gonzalez, his draw just stinks. He opens against Gilles Muller, who desperatel y needs to defend some points, then faces the winner of a match between Marat Safin and Mardy Fish. Whoever reaches the quarterfin al in that section will have earned it! As for Agassi, he faces a tough opener against Xavier Malisse. #7 seed Hrbaty has the bad luck to open against Andy Murray, though Murray will be tired and jet lagged from Davis Cup, plus he withdrew from Sunday's matches. And #4 seed Ginepri could face Paradorn Srichaphan in the second round.

* * *
More proof that Andy is a Jerk

A paparazzi photographer dishes on the celebs he's photographed:
ANDY RODDICK - As a tennis fan, I was delighted to see the tennis star. On the court, Andy can be rather moody, but I was pleased to find out that in person, he was really pleasant. “Hi Guys,” he said. “Good to see you, Andy.” I told him. Andy:- “Nice to see you.”

* * *
Random Thought of the Day

Jimmy Connors, who had stayed out of the tennis loop for years before deciding to commentate for the BBC, wouldn't be wasting his time with Andy Roddick if he didn't think Roddick didn't have the goods to win majors and be a top player again.

"The one major concern from my standpoint was what he was willing to give and how much he was willing to give and it didn't take him long to prove that to me," Connors said.

Roddick clearly made a deep impression on the legendary tennis player to convince him to take him on for a few months. Coaching is something Connors swore he'd never do, and he's not at a point in his life or career where he would want to be traveling all over the world with a player half his age. That he would now suddenly decide to coach Roddick on a trial basis tells you all you need to know about what he thinks Roddick's future prospects are.

And did you know there was book out there called "Jimmy Connors Saved My Life"?

* * *
Scary Thought of the Day

Roger Federer is turning into Elton John right before our very eyes.

* * *
AUDIO of Roddick's coach announcement can be found here.

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- ESPN: Why Roddick will benefit from Connors
- CBS Sports: If Jimbo serves up wisdom, Roddick will be all ears

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