Thursday, May 18, 2006

Roddick & Blake: Hot Couple

“When this all-American boy [Roddick] flashes that million dollar grin it’s just, ‘Okay whatever you want, it’s yours’.”

-- CYNTHIA LUM, WireImage photographer and no fool.

Hot Men in ACE Magazine

James Blake and Andy Roddick came in at Nos. 1 and 2 respectively on this year's annual Hot List from Britain's ACE magazine. Last year, Andy was ranked No. 4 and Blake wasn't on the list at all. Congrats boys!

HI. We don't win much but we're hot, and we make a cute couple.

The 2006 top ten ACE hotties are:

1 . James Blake
2 . Andy Roddick
3 . Marat Safin
4 . Feliciano Lopez
5 . Andre Agassi
6 . Tommy Haas
7 . Roger Federer
8 . Rafael Nadal
9 . Richard Gasquet
10 . Juan Carlos Ferrero

Last year's winners who didn't make this year's list: Tommy Robredo, Mark Philippoussis, Mario Ancic, Arnaud Clement, Thomas Enqvist, Jan-Michael Gambill.

New to this year's list: Gasquet, Agassi, Lopez, Federer, Nadal, Blake.

Juan Carlos Ferrero was the No. 10 hottie for both 2005 and 2006.

Last year's WTF winner: Clement.

This year's WTF winner: Agassi.

Hottie who curiously never makes the list: Carlos Moya.

Hottie who will probably never leave the list: Safin.

Gay fan vote: Nadal. (har har. In reality it was probably Andy. Surprisingly, I see his name pop up on the gay boards far more than Hotpants Nadal.)

Interesting to see that for a British publication, two Americans top the list and there are no Brits (again). We can only surmise that not even the British find bad British teeth attractive.

Andy is also included in Teen People magazine's "Bubbling Under" list. The 'Bubbling Under' list consists of celebrities that the publication believes are on the cusp of entering their '25 Hottest Stars Under 25' list. So hurry up and win Wimbledon, Andy, so that you can finally make the cut for all of these Hot Lists.

* * *
Roddick Blogs

Andy's second blog entry was much better than his first. I'm sure it'll get even better as the weeks go on and he gets more comfortable exposing his innermost thoughts on a blog. His weird sense of humor shines through which is great. His blog is very "Andy." A few of my own comments on his entry this week:
- the Miami Heat are up 3-1 against the new jersey nets and looking like they are coming together quite nicely....- props to Reggie Bush for not wanting to hold out on the New Orleans Saints…extremely refreshing considering all of the TO nonsense that dominated the headlines last off-season

- I don't care about football or basketball at all so I hope he keeps the Miami Heat comments to a miniumum;
- In fact, the only "miami heat" I want to know about is the kind he has with his girlfriend *evil grin*;
- cannot wait for Da Vinci Code movie to come out…. all of Dan Brown’s books are amazing

- Good to know that he reads something other than the sports pages. LOL.

- okay so the sunglasses in Italy…people wear glasses there that cover about 67 percent of their face. no joke… it was like a train wreck…I just couldn’t stop looking on in horror

- Ah, he really shouldn't complain about those sunglasses when he insists on wearing these dorky cheap white shades that make him look like a bug. bzz! bzz!

His three weekly topics (Self-Chuck of the week; Butthead of the Week; and Fine of the Week) are a great idea! Loved this entry:
-Butthead of the Week-…Tawny Kitaen from Vh1’s Surreal Life. I am sorry but she makes watching this show more unbearable than it already is. I mean she has this huge ego and for what? She rolled around with hardly any clothes on in a Whitesnake video in the eighties, and beat up her ex-husband with a shoe…congrats!!!


As for his "Fine of the Week" I offer up the following which are guaranteed to bankrupt him: a hefty fine each time he stands 20 feet behind the baseline, and another hefty fine for hitting more than 2 slice backhands in a row. After this, Andy will have to sell his prized boat.

* * *
It's almost time for Roland Garros! You know what that means? More boring "Americans suck on clay" articles. *yawn* Better than Nyquil. Read at your own peril.

But I nearly died of shock when I saw this unusually well-written and well-balanced article about the American men's performance at Rome/Hamburg coming from, of all places, Tennis-X. Is their usual X-tard staff on vacation this week?

* * *
More videos!

I've been adding some videos of Andy and other players to my YouTube profile so feel free to subscribe to my account to get the latest goodies.

The "Flipside" interview of Andy is now available here to download. Enjoy!

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