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Dusseldorf: Roddick injured, French Open in doubt

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Blue Group:
Massu (CHI) def. Roddick (USA) 4-2 ret.
Capedeville (CHI) def. Ginepri (USA) 6-4 6-4
Chile leads 2-0

"It's just annoying. It's disappointing. I feel like every time there's progress being made something happens and there's a little bit of a setback."

-- ANDY RODDICK. The Charlie Brown raincloud
keeps following him everywhere.

More rotten luck befell our guy as he sprained his ankle during the Massu round robin match and had to retire. This, right after trainer Doug Spreen had just informed us via that Andy "trained hard" and was "feeling good and in great shape". His chances at Roland Garros don't look very good right now.

ICE AND HOPE. Roddick can't seem to catch a break from Lady Unluck.

Roddick's French Open hopes hit by foot injury
Andy Roddick's participation in the French Open was thrown into doubt on Wednesday after he retired with a foot injury from his match against Chile's Nicolas Massu at the World Team Cup.

"I don't know how bad it is yet," said Roddick. "It's not responding to movement very well when you try to flex it. It hurts pretty good. Only time's going to tell."

The American landed heavily on his left foot at 2-2 in the first set and went on to drop serve for the first time in the match.

He then received lengthy treatment from ATP trainer Bill Norris, flinching with pain as Norris pressed the top of his foot.

Although Roddick, the world number five, continued after having his ankle and foot heavily bandaged, he barely tried to compete and retired at 2-4.

"I slid and kind of went over on it and felt something clip or pop," Roddick told reporters.

"It was just getting progressively worse. I wasn't able to really step on it, much less move, so it was pointless just going through the motions out there."

The French Open starts on Sunday in Paris.

"I just hope I wake up tomorrow and it resembles an ankle and not a balloon," Roddick said.

"It's just annoying. It's disappointing. I feel like every time there's progress being made something happens and there's a little bit of a setback.

"I've been hitting the ball great in practice since I've been over here and I was really excited. I felt like I started serving well again. I'm just a little unlucky right now."

Roddick's injury comes two days after Australian Lleyton Hewitt suffered an ankle injury at a tournament in Austria, in his first match after a seven-week injury lay-off.

McEnroe: Roddick Will Try To Play Paris
In the aftermath of suffering a left foot injury that forced him to retire from today's World Team Cup match against Nicolas Massu, Andy Roddick suggested his hopes for playing Roland Garros may rest on "ice and hope." Hours after Roddick's injury, U.S. Davis Cup captain Patrick said he believes Roddick will try to play the clay-court major, which begins on Sunday.

"It looks like he's going to be good to give it a go in Paris, but it's touch and go the next few days," McEnroe told the media in a conference call to promote ESPN's French Open coverage.

Asked how Roddick can improve his results on clay, McEnroe stressed two key components Roddick can immediatel y address: vary the spins on his serve in an effort to elicit more short balls for his forehand and creep closer to the baseline rather than resort to playing rallies in a defensive posture seven to 10 feet behind the baseline.

"I think a key for him is first of all I would like to see him use his serve better," McEnroe said. "I think he tries to win too many points with the ace whereas he's got a very nasty kick serve. I'd like to see him use that (kick serve) more on the first serve, vary that and set up his forehand. Number two, I'd like to see him get up on the baseline anytime he gets the chance. Those are two things I think he can do. He likes to stand pretty far back when he's returning. He's not the kind of player with his physique and strengths who is going to outlast guys. You're not going to be able to serve through people on clay. I mean, great servers can hit 15 aces over the course of a five-set matches, but these guys are too good to just serve through them on clay."

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