Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Breaking News: Roddick Dumps Goldfine, Brother John will Coach

From AndyRoddick.com:
After heartfelt deliberations last Thursday with Dean Goldfine, Andy has decided to bring his older brother, John Roddick, on the road as his traveling coach. Dean, who has traveled with Andy since December of 2004, will remain an integral member of Team Roddick, contributing to Andy’s growth in a consultant position. Dean currently resides in South Florida with his wife and two young children, not far from the Roddick’s home in Boca Raton. The specific responsibilities of Dean’s new advisory role in Team Roddick are to be determined but Andy is very enthusiastic and appreciative for Dean’s continued guidance. Starting this weekend at the Davis Cup match in La Jolla, California, John Roddick will accompany Andy as his official coach.

I am pleased to hear that Andy will keep Goldfine on as a consultant. Goldfine is an excellent coach but he is, in my opinion, just a bit too laid back, and I think what Andy needs most right now is someone who can help re-light the fire that's been missing of late. I noticed that brother John Roddick did exactly that at Wimbledon last year.


fmodem said...

I kinda expect this happen, though I think Goldfine is a good coach. What Andy really need right now I think is a coach who can be tough on him, push him to bring out his best game. Dean is just a too nice guy.

The other sad thing is, perhaps we can't see Max so often!

tangerine said...

I'd be more shocked if he had outright dumped Dean like he did Brad. I think Andy learned from that experience. Dean is an excellent coach but he isn't what Andy needs right now. I am hopeful about brother John. I liked very much what I saw of him last year and how he got Andy fired up at Wimbledon. For all we know, it was probably John who helped push Andy through to the Wimbledon finals as Andy struggled badly through the early rounds and almost got knocked out by Bracciali.

Noelle De Guzman said...

I hope this latest shake-up brings about the results Andy wants.

I also hope it isn't just a polite way of phasing Dean out.

Anonymous said...

agree with u all, it seems like a promising move, hopefully John can help get the fire back!


Mathew said...

Good move... Having family closer may help. I don't read too much into the psycho analysis that goes on with A-Rod, but my impression has always been that at times he would rather be home in Austin than on the court. Bringing a little Texas with him on the road may be the answer.

Dean may be a nice guy, but something has been missing since Brad Gilbert left.

This is a great blog. I am a huge American tennis fan and check this site all of the time to get news about our flag bearer.

Keep up the good work!

ellen said...

i will always love you dean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hopefully this move will pay off and im really glad that dean is still somewhat a coach of andy.... im fairly sure their relationship is still good and it wasnt a messy outright fire like it was with brad.

woot for DC!!

hasina said...

im very happy to hear this news...as much as nice dean seemed....he just wasnt cut out for it....as for his brother joining him...cant thing how he will help andy get better other than mentally...and needs help both tactically and mentally...i suppose u gotta sort one out before the other....i think andy is probably waiting to get a full time coach and john is just there for now....seems his pr are handling better than the gilbert incident....overalll i hope this works out for andy....wimbledon here we come.

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