Sunday, November 12, 2006

TMC Shanghai: Lunch with the King

"They're saying I'm in the Group of Death, but I don't feel like dying next week. Hopefully, I can be one of the survivors."

Survivor of 2006.

Watch Roddick-Nalbandian highlights here.
Download Roddick-Federer highlights here.

Well, so much for getting my new blog update ready by Shanghai. I guess I'll have to wait until after TMC to unveil my new look.

RR3: Nalbandian def Roddick 6-2 7-6(4)
RR2: Federer def Roddick 4-6 7-6(10) 6-4
RR1: Roddick def Ljubicic 6-4 6-7(9) 6-1

Very big win for Andy in defeating Ivan Ljubicic, the Davis Cup/Indoor King (depending on which Croat fan you talk to), who has beaten Andy in their last two meetings. It's rumored that Ljubicic is still feeling a bit under the weather which may explain the breadstick he ate in the final set, but that's not to take away from Andy's excellent net play (60 net approaches!) and his simple gameplan of "Be aggressive. Then be aggressive some more." Unfortunately, Andy got too aggressive and got into a heated verbal exchange with the chair umpire in the second set, at one point calling him a liar. ("Either you're lying or you're really bad at your job," he told umpire Mohamed Lahyani.) Masters series TV commentators called Roddick's behavior "disgraceful." Connors-influenced? Not likely. Roddick's meltdowns and love of abusing the chair umpire are well documented but this hissy fit comes at an odd time when he was up a set on Ljubicic, and probably could have ended the match in two sets had he just let it go. Instead, he ended up losing concentration, Ljubicic wins the tiebreak, and now they're into a third set that shouldn't have happened in the first place. Really, Andy, do you need the practice? Some chair umpires deserve your ire but not this time. Getting fired up is one thing but not when it adversely affects your game. Put a lid on it, please.

MMMM. Ljubicic on a stick.

But the part where you accidentally sat in Ljubicic's chair? Classic. Stay that way, we love it. Also, the sharp red and black outfit? Devine.

So with Roddick's win over Ljubicic he moves up to No. 4 in the rankings, for now. This is also Roddick's first defeat of a top ten player in over a year.

Serve-and-volley play proves a winner for Roddick
Roddick blasted 19 aces, but it was his serve-and-volley tactics that proved to be the difference against Ljubicic.

"He is a little different player," the Croatian said of the change in Roddick's normal baseline game. The American ventured to the net 60 times, and it proved to be a winner.

"It's definitely something I wanted to try against Ivan," Roddick said. "I didn't want him to get comfortable trying to block the returns back in the court and get back in baseline rallies. I felt I took that aspect of his game away with the serve-and-volley play."

Ljubicic came to Shanghai after being bedridden for 17 days with an allergic reaction to medication. But until the third set, his recent inactivity didn’t appear to hamper his game.

He staved off two match points in the tiebreak, then won the last two points on backhand errors by Roddick to level the match at one set apiece.

"The end of the second set and beginning of the third was probably the only period of the match where I had some chances on his serve," Ljubicic said.

After that, it was all Roddick as the American raced to victory in his first match in China. He had qualified for last year's Masters Cup but pulled out with an injury.

JIMMY CONNORS AND JOHN RODDICK watched the Federer-Nalbandian match.

"I thought I served well and I thought I returned well," Roddick said. "I still think I can hit the ball a little bit better from the baseline, and I felt that's what kind of separated it in the third set. I started doing that a lot better."

Roddick also inadvertently missed a cue, sitting done at one point in Ljubicic's courtside chair instead of his own during a changeover. He quickly realized his error and moved in time.

"Ivan should have told me to get out of his chair. But I'd been sitting in that chair every day during practice," explained the winner. "It was just a habit to migrate towards it.

"I didn't notice until Ivan sat down next to me and then I figured I should probably go to my own chair. I don't think I've ever done that before."

After Ljubicic tied the third set 1-1, the Croat dueled Roddick through five deuces before the American held. That began a five-game run to the victory for Roddick.

Up next is Roger Federer (hence, my Lunch With The King title), which is scheduled for Tuesday, 7:00pm Shanghai time (which would be Tuesday, 6:00am EST for US residents. Go here to figure out world time zone differentials). This would mark the first time simce 2003 that Roddick has met with Federer in a match that was not a final. Impressive, really.

By the way, you can watch all of the TMC matches online for a mere $5.00. Unfortunately, this service is not available for the Mac/Apple platform which I didn't find out about until after I'd paid for the service. Thanks a lot, ATP, Den of Thieves.

Click here for ESPN2's TV schedule for TMC matches.

E-mail ESPN to compliment or complain about their TMC programming. I'm glad that they decided to show Roddick's match last night but editing out the two good parts (his tirade and the chair incident) is not how to broadcast a Roddick match. Show us the warts and all, I say. And no censorship, either. I love the F-bombs and loud self recriminations.

* * *
TMC match highlights video/audio

Watch Andy's tirade here. (Thanks to claire)

Download Roddick vs Ljubicic RR highlights here.
(Thanks to you-know-who-you-are friend)

Download Roddick's interview here. (Thanks to xander)

Download entire third set of Roddick-Ljubicic match here.
(Thanks to Four:Love)

Download Fed/Nalby and ARod/Ivan match recap here.
(Thanks to Four:Love)

AUDIO interviews can be found here.

* * *
- [Tennis-X] Andy's post-match interview (Roddick def Ljubicic)
- [Yahoo] Roddick doesn't fear Federer
- [Times Online] Evolving Roddick on course to end year with a flourish
- [New York Times] For Roddick and Blake, recovery and reward
- [Sportsnet] Net result: Roddick victorious

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Roddick Rolls in Vienna

Updated October 14, 2006

SF: Gonzalez def Roddick
6-4 3-6 7-6(5)
QF: Roddick def Melzer
6-4 6-3
R2: Roddick def Gasquet
6-7(5) 6-1 6-3
R1: Roddick def Acasuso
6-0 7-6(2)

Roddick losing to Gonzo isn't quite a shock, even if Roddick leads 6-2 in their h/t/h. Their matches have always been so hard-fought that Roddick's wins were never really that easy. He's beaten Gonzalez three times this year so it almost seems fitting that Gonzo would finally get a win over Roddick here. When you view the highlights you will see how well both players were playing but that Gonzo's monster forehand proved to be just too much for Andy to handle. That's okay. I am quite happy with Roddick's performance this week in Vienna, he made the semifinals, picked up a few race points, and more importantly, his own monster forehand seems to be back in action (for now) and his net game is looking so good these days. Hopefully he can improve upon his results when he heads to Madrid which begins October 16. Roddick will likely get a Tuesday start.

Laughable Headline of the Day from where else but Yahoo! Sports. Apparently, losing in the semifinals of a tournament is "an early exit." Glad to see that expectations for Roddick have been raised considerably.

Random Roddick Fact of the Week
For those of you wondering about the new pink bracelet that Andy has been wearing this week, it is in honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. If you saw Roddick's interview with Ellen DeGeneres a short while back, she had mentioned this.

Curious Roddick Quote of the Week
For some reason we're not allowed to speculate/gossip/talk about Roddick's romantic life over at So feel free to speculate here!

From the UK's Guardian, "Revitalized Roddick Sets Sights on Davis Cup":
"You guys know everybody except who I actually go on dates with. It's better to know a non-celebrity because you guys have no clue about this person."

How Much Do You Guys Love Me?
Actually, how much do I love YOU? A big, wet, sloppy thank-you kiss to the fans who send me links to photos and videos I wouldn't otherwise have access to. You rule!

DOWNLOAD Roddick vs Gonzalez highlights here and here (I disabled the YSI sign-up) and here.

WATCH a news segment about Andy's charity here. (about the headline the video creator used: I'm quite certain that she was being sarcastic because Roddick's anti-fans are always calling him a jerk)

YouSendIt Tricks!
Bypass YouSendIt's 7 Day download limit
When a file is uploaded to yousendit, it displays a link to your file when the upload process is complete. The link generally looks like the one below:


Append to the above yousendit link, the new URL should now look like:

Load the URL in your browser and download should begin. This trick will bypass the seven day limit.

Unlimited downloads from YouSendIt
The YouSendIt link looks like the one below:

See the letter "d" after "" ? Change that letter "d" to an "e" and the link will never die. The d.aspx has the counter on. if it finds there has been more than 25 hits then it refers the user to expired.aspx otherwise it refers you to e.aspx. e.aspx has the download link and does not add any more hits.The link may stay for longer but will not eliminate the 7 day period.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Originally posted October 12, 2006

This blog will be updated intermittently while I work to get my photo gallery, videos, server, etc. squared away. A new blog design is in the works, too, which I'm excited about.

Laughable News Headline of the Day: "A-Rod Struggles to Win" from the logic-challenged Eurosport, of course. I love the old file photo they use of Roddick where he clearly looks like he's struggling. Just to make their point. LOL.

Roddick Recovers to Defeat Gasquet
In a match of the highest quality, Roddick struggled to deal with the powerful groundstrokes and fierce backhand passes of Gasquet, one of only four players to beat world number one Roger Federer in the last two seasons.

The first-set tiebreak ended in controversy when a spectator called out during a Roddick second serve at 5-5, the American netting a forehand before Gasquet took the set.

"It was a little annoying," Roddick told reporters. "I don't feel I got much on the second serve because I hesitated halfway through it."

An angry Roddick knocked over a bin at courtside and remonstrated with the umpire to no avail.

"Sometimes I'm upset and there's only one person to talk to out there and unfortunately it falls on the umpire's shoulders a lot of the time," said Roddick.

"But I think it was all in jest. He was smiling at the end of it."

Gasquet had less depth on his groundstrokes in the second set as Roddick bounced back.

The American also served well, giving up only three points on serve in the second set and two in the third.

A break at 4-1 allowed Roddick to serve out the second set to love, and further breaks at each end of the third set secured a satisfying victory.

"I came out of the first set thinking this is trouble because I felt like I hit the ball pretty well and still got on the bad end of it," said Roddick.

"He was able to hit some shots that not a lot of people can."

Hmm. No struggling here.

Andy's quarterfinal opponent will be Jurgen Melzer whom Andy owns 5-0. Keep on winning, Andy!

DOWNLOAD .avi file of Roddick vs Gasquet highlights here.

WATCH Roddick vs Gasquet here.

Listen to the commentators talk about Roddick:
Eurosport commentator: "It's amazing isn't it? This is Andy Roddick. Normally you admire him for his pace and power but he's playing pretty tennis now, isn't he?"

Commentator #2: "Yes. A good all-around all-court player."

"You can no longer say that his backhand is a weakness."

"I don't think I've enjoyed the sheer tennis from the American as I have this evening."

Awesome. Keep up the confidence play, Andy!

Wait! There's more...

DOWNLOAD Roddick vs Sampras World Team Tennis highlights, Part 1 here.

DOWNLOAD Roddick vs Sampras World Team Tennis highlights, Part 2 here.

Megaupload Trick: Disable Country Download Slots Limit
Courtesy of Blog is Everything

If you want to download something from Megaupload and keep getting message like "All slots assigned to your country are in use, try again later", try this:

1. Go to Google Translate tool.
2. Paste your Megaupload download link into the "Translate a web page" box.
3. In the "from" option, select English to German. Other option besides English to German might work.
4. Hit the Translate button and wait for the download page to load.

Now, you can see that you can download the file that previously you couldn't. No download slots limit!

Incidentally, using Google Translate is also a good way to get past firewalls.

* * *
Andy Parties in People Again
Third week in a row! Must be some kind of record for a tennis star. I like the part that says that Roddick "announced" his break-up with Maria Sharapova. Whew! Now we can focus on his true love match Paris Hilton.

Free Image Hosting at

Also, Tammy over at wants all us shallow folks to sign her petition to get Andy to play shirtless. So I figure, hey, if we can band together to get Andy on Ellen DeGeneres' show and make ACE magazine apologize then we can certainly coerce him to lose the shirt which is just taking up court space anyway.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Andy Loves Ellen...and Paris?

What you came here for:

Andy pays a visit to Ellen DeGeneres [DOWNLOAD hi-res .mp4]

or you can WATCH it here.

What you're leaving with:

Randy Andy parties with Paris Hilton (and a whole bunch of other happy, drunk women) in Las Vegas.

Notice that Andy's and Paris' clothes do not match in the first and second photos. Not that that means anything. They could've made a quick change after having limousine sex. Heh.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Davis Cup: Russia Shows USA The Door

Updated September 29, 2006

"That's B.S., and you can quote me. Andy's a gentleman to say that, but there are three men in the mix now, make no mistake. I want to give Andy the attitude where he doesn't care who he plays. He's going to be winning Grand Slam titles in a year or two, and hang on for the ride! I hope you enjoy it as much as I'm going to." — Jimmy Connors. God love this man.

1st Singles: Safin def Roddick 6-4 6-3 7-6(5)
2nd Singles: Youzhny def Blake 7-5 1-6 6-1 7-5
Doubles: Bryan/Bryan def Tursunov/Youzhny 6-3 6-4 6-2
1st Reverse Singles: Tursunov def Roddick 6-3 6-4 5-7 3-6 17-15
2nd Reverse Singles: Blake def Safin 7-5 7-6(4)

Russia 3 - USA 2

DOWNLOAD Safin/Roddick match highlights here.

A TORRENT of the entire match can be found here (you need to register first in order to download).

* * *
Sorry for the late update. It wasn't because I was suicidal over the USA's Davis Cup defeat! I am trying to organize my video file collection and am still looking into getting a new host for a photo gallery. At some point this blog will be overhauled completely.

Besides, if USA had beaten Russia on clay it would've been a small miracle. But they tried. Boy, did they try. And once again clay proves to be our kryptonite. I felt terribly for Andy, who fought so hard and so long in his match vs. Tursunov only to fall in the end. A brutal loss, but I loved how much heart and fight he showed. He was clearly very sad about letting his team down. I just hope he can shake it off in time for the indoor season where he could do some serious damage if he put his mind to it.

His next scheduled tournament will be in Vienna. He has pulled out of the Tokyo event (sorry to Andy's loyal Japanese fans but it's best for him to rest and regroup right now).

VCR ALERT! Andy on The Ellen Degeneres Show again Oct. 2nd. This time it will be an actual sitdown interview! Needless to say, I'll tape it and upload a video for those who won't be able to watch it.

* * *
Andy is in People magazine again this week. When you're done reading about his lame lie, hop over to The Tennis Channel's website and vote for Andy in their Hotties Poll. Because dorks are hot!

Is it Pick On The Yanks Week in the UK? Another publication, OK! magazine, came up with this gem (thanks to Kate for the clip):

You Can Stop Sending Your Hate Mail to ACE Magazine Now

ACE Magazine editor Nigel Billen decided he'd had enough e-mail viruses being sent to him from irate Roddick fans so he issued this apology to everyone who contacted him:
Thank you for your email. We have a lot of reaction to our Roddick story as I'm sure you are aware!

I've investigated as far as I can and I'm not convinced we were correct to run the story.

I've too seen the TV clip but I don¹t think it is entirely clear from that what happened. But it certainly doesn¹t prove Andy threw the cards away. We have also heard from fans who witnessed the moment and have contrary recollections to those of our source.

Consequently, we will be apologising to Andy and his fans in the next issue.

Please accept my apologies. We are big fans of Andy at the magazine and the story was intended good naturedly. However, I fully accept that it has caused upset.

Thank you again for getting in touch.

Best wishes,

Mr. Billen ends his letter with postscript saying that he likes my blog and has it bookmarked. I now live in fear of seeing RW named on a "Worst Player Blogs" list in some future issue.

Thanks for the apology, ACE.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Originally posted September 21, 2006

Davis Cup: USA vs Russia This Weekend

"Some say Roddick is hugely over-rated, that he has only a big serve, but I regard him as one of the top players. It's true that in the past he could not win anywhere else but in the U.S., but he has matured a lot in recent years. He has also improved his baseline play, his backhand has got better too, so he is a complete player now. He is a former world number one and you don't become number one for nothing." — Mikhail Youzhny, genius, who reads books and shit.

DOWNLOAD Safin/Roddick match highlights here.

Safin Opens Against Roddick in Moscow

In a slap-in-the-face to Russia's No. 1 player, Nikolay Davydenko, Marat Safin has been chosen to play Andy Roddick in the first singles match on Friday. A wise decision by Russian captain Shamil Tarpischev, as Davydenko is a combined 0-8 vs Roddick and James Blake. Roddick is 3-2 lifetime against Safin, including wins in their last three meetings. The two former No. 1's haven't met since 2004 and have never squared off in Davis Cup play, nor have they ever played one another on clay.

Mikhail Youzhny will take the No. 1 position for Russia and will face USA's James Blake in the second rubber at the Olympic Stadium.

The draw is as follows:
Singles 1: Marat Safin (RUS) v Andy Roddick (USA)
Singles 2: Mikhail Youzhny (RUS) v James Blake (USA)
Doubles: Dmitry Tursunov/Mikhail Youzhny (RUS) v Bob Bryan/Mike Bryan (USA)
Reverse Singles 1: Mikhail Youzhny (RUS) v Andy Roddick (USA)
Reverse Singles 2: Marat Safin (RUS) v James Blake (USA)

Davis Cup TV coverage for North America from Moscow's Olympic Stadium (subject to change):

Friday, Sept. 22:
- 2 p.m. ET, OLN, Live Coverage -- Singles, First Day
- 8 p.m. ET, The Tennis Channel, Prime-Time Replay -- Singles, First Day

Saturday, Sept. 23:
- 2 p.m. ET, OLN, Live Coverage -- Doubles, Second Day
- 8 p.m. ET, The Tennis Channel -- Prime-Time Replay -- Doubles, Second Day

Sunday, Sept. 24:
- 2 p.m. ET, OLN, Live Coverage -- Singles, Third Day
- 8 p.m. ET, The Tennis Channel -- Prime-Time Replay -- Singles, Third Day


Davis Cup News:
• "Mission to Moscow: Davis Cup semifinal preview" []
• "Roddick-Safin Open Davis Cup Semifinal In Moscow" [Tennis Week]
• "Americans, Aussies Try to Find Davis Cup Fire" []
• "Friends Forever: A Davis Cup Squad That's A Real Team" [Davis]
• "Clay Pigeons? It's possible that Russia's choice for Davis Cup surface might backfire" []
• "Fearsome Foursome? Clay Awaits USA in DC Semis" [ESPN]
• "Russians Unhappy With Their Own Choice of Clay" []

ACE Magazine Is In
Deep Doo-Doo

Oh boy, is ACE magazine going to get an earful within the next several days. And rightfully so.

In this month's issue, ACE magazine published:
What a rotter!
"A publicity stunt for Andy Roddick backfired during the opening week. The American was filmed by host broadcaster USA Network graciously accepting birthday cards from young children. Unfortunately for Roddick, who turned 24 on 30 August, the cameras picked him up screwing up the cards and throwing them into a rubbish bin as he walked away." (- page 50...for the benefit of other ACE Magazine readers).

Roddick fans from to MTF were understandably upset by this blurb, coming from an award-winning UK publication no less. The blurb is particularly harmful when you consider Roddick's history of humanitarian work and his charities for children; it was in essence a direct attack against Roddick's character and pretty much everything that he has worked for.

To that end, Roddick fans banded together and quickly put together evidence to refute the egregious charge, starting with the actual video taken from USA Network that ACE claimed showed Roddick throwing the birthday cards away:

We see Roddick doing something with the cards but there is no rubbish bin in view to know for certain if he did indeed toss them or if he just put them in his pocket. My guess is the latter. Why on earth would Andy throw away a fan's birthday cards just seconds after receiving them? Who would be that callous? It defies logic.

Then starr over at MTF gave her eyewitness account of the incident:
I was actually standing a few feet away from this as it actually happened. I worked at the open for about 6 days/nights and USA filmed this for their broadcast (one of the little boys shown was actually the son of a USA staffer, that is why you can see a credential around his neck). I was standing with my crew, and the dad came over kind of excited and said, 'they are going to film my son and his friend giving birthday cards to Roddick, he's so excited.' The few of us headed over from where we were stationed at the President's gate to take a peek.

Andy took the cards, put them in his shorts pocket, and walked back to the president's gate area where he checked in, and went back behind the gate.

It really was all very sweet.

Hate Andy or not, no one would be that stupid to throw those cards away in front of some excited little kids - and I can assure you he did no such thing. I'm suprised ACE mag printed something that really didn't happen. It's a bit disturbing ...

Adding to the mounting evidence, Lara over at had actually taken a picture of Roddick at the exact same time of the incident. She said that the trash cans were on the other side of the court and that Andy did indeed stuff the cards into his pocket, as evidenced here (notice how his right pocket is bulging, and it's not because he's happy to see someone):

So there you have it. I think ACE magazine owes a full apology to Roddick and his team for this bad rumor.

By the way, Roddick's PR people are also going to follow up on this. If you'd like to add your voice to the outrage send an e-mail to:

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

US Open: Andy, You're A Star

Updated September 16, 2006

Click on the links to see Andy in this week's People magazine!

Page 1
Page 2

* * *
DOWNLOAD Andy and Andre on the Ellen Degeneres show here.

DOWNLOAD Andy's oncourt interview after defeating Lleyton Hewitt (QF) here.

WATCH Andy being his silly self:

Who's That Girl Again?
The blonde girl we noticed back in June is back in the stands again. This girl still suffers the paparazzi indignation of having no name. Even the brunette was given the alias of "J.J." Maybe we should start naming Roddick's would-be girlfriends by number? "Roddick blonde tramp no. 18..." j/k ;-)

Title: Andy Roddick's Girlfriend watches him in action during his Semi finals victory today. Roddick will now play Roger Federer from Switzerland tomorrow in the finals of The 2006 U.S. Open Tennis Championships. Photo by Ron C. Angle.

Speaking of tramps, what's up with Roddickpova?

Tennis star Maria Sharapova leaving dinner where she dined with fellow tennis star Andy Roddick and a group of friends at Campagnola on the Upper East Side in New York City. Andy Roddick with at least two guys arrived at 8:10pm. They waited an hour for Maria and her friends to arrive. When Maria arrived around 9:10pm no more than ten minutes later at 9:20pm Andy Roddick is seen leaving the restaurant by himself then two friends catch up with him down the block. Maria leaves the restaurant with two guy friends at around 10:10pm, they all jump in a cab and head uptown.

And some more gossip from The New York Daily News:
RANDY ANDY Gossipeuse Ben Widdicombe of the New York Daily News says, "Tennis hunk Andy Roddick has a sense of humor about the gossip columns. Last week, he was laughing with pals in the Lacoste suite at the U.S. Open about rumors of his romance with Maria Sharapova. 'Isn't it amazing how much press you can get about something that isn't true?' Roddick said. 'Except why are they calling us "Roddicova"? Why not "Sharadick"?'" Nice, Andy. In what has become known as Roddick's "carousel of coaches," the tennis star fired his coach, Dean Goldfine, in February for whatever reasons. Goldfine did Roddick no PR favors, as evidenced in an old column by Charlie Bricker in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. Bricker wrote, "I asked Dean Goldfine, Andy Roddick's new coach, to tell me one thing he learned about Roddick that he didn't know before they connected in December. Goldfine, who had known Roddick only casually, immediately identified Roddick's appreciation of other people. 'Even if it's something as simple as just getting him a drink, he thanks you and let's you know how much he appreciates it.'" Gulp.

* * *
My Last Thoughts On USO
The US Open's new blue courts are awesome. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing but you can see the ball clearly. Thumbs up, USTA..........Lasting Images from the USO That Have Been Burned Into My Brain: the Andre Agassi show, starting from his first match with Pavel and ending with his tearful retirement in the third round to a three minute standing ovation. A seminal moment in tennis history........Mikhail Youzhny, smiling wildly and giving the Russian salute to the underdog-loving crowd after defeating Rafael Nadal in the quarterfinals .........Cheating Chiquita: Maria Sharapova's father Yuri holding up a banana and pointing at it, imploring Maria to eat one NOW. Maria the dutiful daughter complied........watching the young Marcos Baghdatis cramp against old man Agassi..........the raucous enthusiasm of the USO crowds who help to create such electrifying night matches.........James Blake saluting Andre Agassi by dressing in one of Agassi's vintage pink and black Nike outfits...........Andy Roddick also saluting Agassi by bowing to all four corners after his third round match..........Marat Safin arguing with the chair umpire that Hawkeye's advanced computer technology is all wrong ...........Best USO news headline: "Youz the Man" after Mikhail's stunning upset of Rafael Nadal.

Rambling Thoughts After USO: USO is now officially a stormier slam than Wimbledon, subject to monsoons and hurricanes and wreaking havoc on the play schedule and testing player's patience Tommy Haas one of the unluckiest players on tour today? I hope 2007 works out better for him..........Nikolay Davydenko could make the finals of all four slams in the same year and he would still be flying under the radar, ignored and invisible ..........Tough Love: having a sublime, beautiful tennis game and being an all-around nice guy isn't enough to win the USO crowd's love these days ..........watching John McEnroe watching Jimmy Connors watching Andy Roddick reminds me that there aren't enough great assholes in tennis these days..........I can't understand a word Rafael Nadal says but I could listen to him speak Spanglish all day long..........ditto Richard Gasquet's Francglish..........after finally making good on her promise and winning the USO title, Maria Sharapova is no longer an overrated one-slam wonder. Now she's a two-slam wonder who cheats. Watch her end up on the cover of Sports Illustrated again ..........Roger Federer is the first man in the Open Era to win both Wimbledon and the USO three years in a row. The chances of him appearing on the cover of Sports Illustrated? Zero..........Andy Roddick has now made a slam final at least once every year in the past four years. Roger Federer is the only other player to do that.........who would you rather have sitting in your player's box: the disinterested stony gaze of Tiger Woods or the I'm-tearing-my-gray-hair-out-I-can't-take-this-kind-of-stress Jimmy Connors? the guy who yelled out to Roddick during final: "We still love you, Andy!" you the guy who kept yelling "Break him!" while Roddick was serving, STFU..........If you were wondering what was all that annoying white noise was going on in the background during matches it was just John McEnroe and Ted Robinson prattling on and on...and on and on and on ...........Richard Gasquet may have finally shed the "gutless heart" stigma that he's been criticized for having in the past. I'll bet his match vs. Hewitt will prove to be another small turning point for him in his young career.........Is Andy Murray really as weak as he looks or is that just an act? Brad Gilbert has his work cut out for him. If only Murray could get his fitness in order he could tear up the courts next year ..........Martina Hingis must be wondering: what good is a comeback if you can't back it up with results? I hope Ms. Hingis learns to stop underestimating her opponents..........Shocking fact of the week: Mikhail Youzhny actually reads books!..........Fernando Verdasco proved that just having the game to play outstanding tennis isn't enough to win, you need the heart and the nerve as well..........It's been two years since Fernando Gonzalez won a gold (doubles) and bronze (singles) medal at the summer Olympics. Will he ever get his breakthrough win at a major?..........I've come to the conclusion that Roger Federer's shot-making genius can be overrated at times. Has anyone noticed that many of his incredible shots are actually miss hits? Check out that return "drop shot" winner he made against James Blake..........two Russians came out of nowhere and ended up in the USO semifinals. The odds of the USA pulling off an upset at Davis Cup later this month just got worse..........Is Marat Safin a Russian version of David Nalbandian or is Nalbandian an Argentine version of Safin?..........will somebody please lock Tracy Austin into the back trunk of a Cadillac while tennis matches are being played?..........Nike/IMG marketing genius: Golf is hugely popular here so I think it's a great way to get the casual American sports fans to learn more about Roger Federer by comparing him to one of our most recognizable sports figures, Tiger Woods. But it's kinda sad that a guy who's won USO for three years straight would need the help of Woods to up his Q rating here..........and finally, the US Open trophy has to be the most huggable slam trophy around. So loveable!

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Originally posted September 11, 2006

"I liked his attitude. I liked his guts. I like a kid who's not afraid to get in there and mix it up - win, lose or draw - and who's not afraid to put his reputation and his game on the line every time."

— JIMMY CONNORS on Andy Roddick.
Jimmy Connors is the life.

Final: Federer def Roddick 6-2, 4-6, 7-5, 6-1

Sometimes I have a hard time updating this blog on time when my happy head is still spinning. I'll have more updates tomorrow. To summarize how I'm feeling right now: I'm very proud to be a fan of a player as gutsy and inspiring as Andy Roddick.

To summarize my other feeling: I love Jimmy Connors.

* * *
Rankings Watch
Andy Roddick is once again the No. 1 ranked American!

He moved up four places to No. 6 in the ATP rankings race, leap frogging over James Blake at No. 8, and looks to be in great shape to qualify for the YE Shanghai Masters Cup. Congrats, Andy!

* * *
TV Ratings Watch
Federer-Roddick dips from last year's Federer-Agassi rating
No one draws TV viewers to tennis like Andre Agassi.

Roger Federer's four-set victory over Andy Roddick in the U.S. Open final Sunday drew a 4.1 rating on CBS -- a 15 percent decrease from last year, when Federer beat Agassi in the tournament's championship match.

This year's final did draw higher ratings than in 2003 (3.5 for Roddick vs. Juan Carlos Ferrero) and 2004 (2.5 for Federer vs. Hewitt).

The highest-rated U.S. Open final in the last 15 years also involved Agassi: In 2002, his loss to Pete Sampras drew a 6.2 rating.

And Agassi's first-round victory this year at Flushing Meadows -- in his final pro tournament -- helped USA Network earn its highest opening-night TV ratings in 23 years of airing the Open.

The women's final Saturday night, in which Maria Sharapova beat Justine Henin-Hardenne, had a 3.2 rating on CBS. That was a 3 percent increase over last year (Kim Clijsters vs. Mary Pierce) and a 28 percent hike over 2004 (Svetlana Kuznetsova vs. Elena Dementieva).

Also, the U.S. Tennis Association announced Monday that ticket sales over the two-week tournament reached a record high, and attendance was about 640,000, second in event history to last year's nearly 660,000.

Some conflicting info here about the ratings:
This year's U.S. Open women's singles championship match, which Maria Sharapova beat Justine Henin-Hardenne, rated 10 percent higher than the 2005 finals with 10.8 viewers. The 2005 final — when Kim Clijsters beat Mary Pierce — mustered 9.8 million. The men's final match dropped five percent. An estimated 18.1 million watched all or part of the Roger Federer-Andy Roddick match. Federer beat Andre Agassi in the 2005 final when 19.1 million watched. All together, CBS estimates 63.5 million viewers watched its coverage, including the daily weeknight late results show, up two percent from 2005's coverage.

This is one reason why American tennis will be dire straights now that Andre Agassi has retired. Agassi transcended tennis and was America's most recognizable athlete—a phenominal feat considering the lack of interest tennis generates here. Like the Williams sisters, he brought in the fans, the ratings, and the money when he played. Now, it'll be up to Roddick and James Blake to rescue tennis from total oblivion here in the states. Their shining performances at US Open these past two weeks was a good start. May they continue to build on their success.

* * *
DOWNLOAD video highlights from the USO final here and here.

And because some of you have been requesting these and I no longer have a photo gallery to keep up: SNL videos! Fire it up!!!!

DOWNLOAD Andy's opening monologue here.

DOWNLOAD the "Jock Talk" skit here.

DOWNLOAD the "Battle of the Sexes Part II" here.

DOWNLOAD "The Governess" here.

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Updated September 10, 2006

US Open: Andy, You're A Star

SF: Roddick def Youzhny
6-7 (5), 6-0, 7-6 (3), 6-3

Wow, is about all I can muster right now. Andy Roddick has surpassed all my expectations, and more. Who would've thought— after crashing out in the first round of his best slam last year, losing his mojo in the process and becoming the butt of jokes everywhere, struggling through such an annus horribilis, being written off as a "has been" at the ripe old age of 23—that within a matter of days he would come roaring back, winning the Cincinnati title and is now in his first grand slam final of the year? The smile on my face hasn't left since the Hewitt match.

Lesser beings would've been crushed under such enormous pressures. I cannot be more pleased with how Roddick has managed to save his entire year in only a few weeks. For the first time in a long, long while, I feel at peace with Roddick's game and with his mindset and where he's going. I'm sure Roddick feels the same way about himself.

Tonight, this is your house, Andy. Give 'em hell.

- Final Exam: Roddick faces toughest test yet.

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Updated September 6, 2006

Andy, You're A Star

QF: Roddick def Hewitt
6-3 7-5 6-4 !!!

On the field I remember you were incredible
Hey shut up, hey shut up, yeah
On the field I remember you were incredible
Hey shut up, hey shut up, yeah
On the match with the boys, you think you're all alone
With the pain that you drain from love
In a car with a girl, promise me she's not your world
Cause Andy, you're a star

Wow. His first win over Hewitt at a slam. In straight sets, no less! Hewitt's days of dominating Roddick are finally over.

I'm so freaking happy I can't see straight. I'm putting on my Funface.

Some videos for you. Enjoy!

* * *
DOWNLOAD video highlights from the Federer/Blake match here.

DOWNLOAD Roddick/Hewitt match highlights here.

DOWNLOAD Roddick's reaction and oncourt interview here.

DOWNLOAD video of Andy and Andre from "The Ellen Degeneres Show" here.

DOWNLOAD video of Andy's interview with Al Trautwig here.

DOWNLOAD video of Andy on "Insider" here.

- Click on these links to read the Selena Roberts article:

Page 1
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- READ Andy's post-match (def. Hewitt) interview here.
- Got his mojo workin'.
- Miami Herald: Resurgence may be sign of things to come for Roddick.
- Houston Chronicle blog: Connors brings out "new" Roddick.
- Roddick back to his best.
- NY Daily News: Facing old nemesis, "new Roddick" charges into semis.
- LA Times: Roddick screams into the semis.
- CBS Sportsline: Don't tag and bag American tennis just yet.

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Updated September 6, 2006

US Open: It's Roddick vs PONG. For Real This Time.

R4: Roddick def Becker 6-3, 6-4, 6-3

OK, Andy, that's it for you. No more Get Out of Jail Free cards are left to use. No more lollygagging around, no more playing "just good enough" to get by. It's Game Time now. With Lleyton Hewitt, it'll be Roddick vs PONG come to life, and you need to really up your game, Cincy-style. Remember: Hewitt loves playing you. Did you see that shit-eating grin on his face when he was asked about you? "It should be fun," he smirked. He loves playing you with the American crowd cheering you on. He feeds off of their energy and he feeds off of the pace of your balls and your subsequent frustration and meltdowns. You are winless against Hewitt in slam matches. Just remember what you learned last year at Cincinnati. You can and will beat Hewitt, just do it!

Quarterfinal: Roddick vs Hewitt Preview
Hewitt leads 6-2 over Roddick. Personally, I think this match is 50-50. A lot will depend on how Roddick comes out playing and how confident he feels because Hewitt is not going to change his winning formula against him. Hewitt is the human version of PONG: he gets everything back. He does not panic. You cannot serve him off the court. Roddick has little patience with retrievers who can rally all day long and this has always been one of his biggest weaknesses. Roddick's best bet is to keep varying his serves to throw Hewitt off his rhythm and to not give him any pace to play with. He should venture to the net only when he's serving, otherwise Hewitt will simply lob him, and Hewitt has the best lob in the business. It is also imperative that Roddick figure out a way to break Hewitt, otherwise he will lose the inevitable tiebreak, which is nothing more than a test of nerves, and Hewitt is nervier than Roddick. It's a tough match-up for Andy, but it's winnable. A win over Hewitt here would be tremendous for his confidence and self-belief, and the fear factor in the locker room would return.

Here's Matthew Cronin's preview:

ANDY RODDICK has passed one major and three minor tests en route to this quarterfinal match-up with one of his nemesis', LLEYTON HEWITT. Fernando Verdasco was the only player in Roddick's path who gave him a lot of trouble, and the American passed that fifth-set test with flying colors. But that's a pop quiz, while Hewitt will be an exit exam that he's been preparing for a very long time.

Their first major confrontation came here in 2001, when Roddick was a babe in the woods and was schooled in the fifth set in a riotous quarter. Their second major confrontation came at the 2005 Australian Open, when Hewitt and crowd screamed toward the American all night long in a fourth-set win for Lleyton. They have also played in four U.S.-based Masters Series tournaments on hard courts, with Hewitt winning the first three and Roddick grabbing a critical win at 2005 Cincinnati (Roddick's only other victory over the Aussie came at '04 Queens on grass).

Former US Open champ Hewitt troubles Roddick for two primary reasons: he kills him in crosscourt backhand rallies and he returns his serve beautifully. Hewitt is also quite fast and is still one of the best counterpunchers on tour. Even though Roddick has a much better forehand and serve, he has trouble hitting through him. Both men have improved their all-around games in the past two years, but have been stymied by the Federer-Nadal express.

THE HUMAN PONG. Roddick's nemesis Lleyton Hewitt leads in their h/t/h 6-2.

Roddick and Hewitt play with equal fire and grit and aren't exactly good buddies. There will be no love lost in this match up between two snarling men in bent baseball caps, and it is sure to be one of the most tense and loudest contests so far at the Open. The key for Roddick will be whether he can successfully mix up his serves and get into the net behind well-placed approach shots. Hewitt loves a target and that's what Andy is going to give him, so Roddick has to put away his volleys.

This is a tricky match up for Roddick because he must play aggressive, but he also can't give away points. He walks a very fine line against Hewitt, who still believes he's a better player than the American is. As always, Hewitt is in great form here, and while I could see Mr. Five-Setter pulling out another dramatic win, Andy is due for a huge win at a Slam over him and will take Hewitt down in four sets.

* * *
Random Thoughts of the Day
I enjoyed watching Andy's first and former coach, Tarik Benhabiles look totally resigned to the fact that his new charge, Benjamin Becker, was getting his ass handed back to him in pieces by Roddick. It reminded me of the same "there's no way my guy is going to win this" look on Brad Gilbert's face when his new charge, Andy Murray, lost to Roddick at Cincy. These men would know who the true champion is. Fire it up!..........This hasn't happened in quite a while: all four previous US Open champions are now into the second week: Federer, Hewitt, Roddick, and Safin. Throw Nadal in there and this is what the REAL Top Five should look like..........After the Andre Agassi Show ended last week does anybody else feel kind of empty and tired? Gutted, perhaps? Not even the media seems anxious to get back to their regularly scheduled Federer/Nadal rivalry hype. Talk about an emotional vacuum..........The Williams/Mauresmo match was the first decent women's match I'd seen all week. Okay, Kuznetsova/Jankovic was good, too. Well done, girls..........How many of you jumped on the Richard Gasquet bandwagon after watching his fourth round match vs Hewitt the other night? Nobody will hold it against you, I promise..........Both the Roddick-hating Tennis-X and Matthew "Andy-is-nothing-special" Cronin suddenly seem to think that Roddick has the edge over Hewitt in tonight's quarterfinal. I don't know about you guys, but I get nervous whenever these two sources start naming Roddick as a favorite to win over his nemesis.........U.S. Davis Cup captain Patrick McEnroe has announced that Andy Roddick, James Blake and the Bryan brothers will face Russia (Davydenko, Youzhny, Safin, and Tursunov) in the semifinals at the end of September. Russia has chosen clay, of course. Russia is obviously banking on the USA sucking worse on clay than they do.........After a day's rain delay, Andy Murray lost to Nikolay Davydenko, eating up a bagel in the fourth set. So, how's that Brad Gilbert guru coaching thing going? Was that money well spent, LTA? And how much more verbal abuse is Gilbert going to take from this 19 year old wanker? Grow up, Andy..........Andy Roddick laughs about the Rodapova rumors but wonders why the media calls them Rodapova? "What's wrong with Sharadick?" he asked. Sharadick must appeal to his dirty frat boy sense of humor, as it does mine. Heh..........So I downloaded the "Hey, it's Andy Roddick" song, listened to it three times, and now I've had it stuck in my head all morning. Thanks for the earworm, Binge..........Roger Federer's plea to the USTA that he'll never say aloud but we all know he's thinking it: Now that Agassi's gone, do you guys think you could give me a decent start time and a bigger court to play on?..........Andy Roddick is the first American male to move into the quarterfinals of a slam all year. No wonder some people think American tennis is dead. Yikes..........With cash cow Andre Agassi gone, American tennis will be in a lot more trouble now. Check out these numbers: USA Network ratings were up 57% through Thursday (first four days) with the Agassi-Baghdatis match on Thursday night equaling USA Network’s highest rating in four years. USA Network earned its best Opening Night rating in its 23 years of US Open coverage. CBS Sports’ rating of 3.0 on Sunday, September 3, was the highest rating for a first weekend Sunday since 1990. The rating was a 30% increase over 2005 and peaked at a 4.3 from 2 pm to 2:30 pm. There's a good reason why he was known as the Las Vegas showman..........Note to the clueless media (i.e., Selena Roberts of the New York Times): Stop "reporting" on Roddick's screams and fistpumps as though they were some new dimension just added to his game, and 100% Connors-influenced. Roddick's been noisy for years, long before Jimbo joined the team. Just ask Ivan Ljubicic.

* * *
Random Tidbit of the Day
Here's another funny anecdote about Roddick from the AP Blog:
Apparently Andy Roddick isn't on board with the commercialization of sports.

While waiting to take questions at a news conference following his 6-3, 6-4, 6-3 victory over Bejamin Becker on Monday, Roddick's gaze fell upon a conspicuously placed bottle of Evian water in front of him.

"I don't know about you guys, do you think this is product placement?" he asked with a smile.

Then he took off his hat and draped it over the top of the bottle, obscuring the bottle's label with the "L" for Lacoste on his cap.

A reporter noted that Roddick himself was engaging in product placement of a sort, to which he replied: "I could just be calling myself a loser, too."

Roddick is no dummy, though. By the time the news conference started in earnest, cameras sending the scene across the world, the hat with the sponsor's logo was perched on his head and the water bottle's label was back in full view.

* * *
DOWNLOAD video of Andy and Andre from "The Ellen Degeneres Show" here.

DOWNLOAD video of Andy on "Insider" here.

DOWNLOAD video of Andy's interview with Al Trautwig here.

- US Open Notebook: Roddick may have the edge this time.
- Hewitt vs Roddick, who will win?
- USA Today: Fun connects Roddick and Connors.
- Newsday: Searching for the next Andre.
- ESPN: Former champions quietly moving through draw.

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Updated September 4, 2006

Tropical Storm Andy

"Thanks for teaching me."

— ANDY RODDICK to Andre Agassi
when he retired.

R3: Roddick def Verdasco 6-7(5), 6-3, 6-4, 6-7(4), 6-2

Roddick has been downgraded from a category 3 Hurricane to a harmless Tropical Storm.

Another day, another hiccup from Roddick. He can thank Verdasco for his 65 unforced errors and general all-around inconsistency and mental weakness for this win because Roddick sure didn't step up to take this match until late in the fifth set. Verdasco outplayed Roddick from the very beginning. We were watching the pre-Connors nightmare Andy all over again: passive, uninvolved, and reduced to being nothing more than a retriever for most of the match while Verdasco's forehand winners continued to wizz by. Roddick's forehand is still MIA. Even Jimmy Connors looked positively relieved when Verdasco dumped an overhead into the net in the fourth set, that's how tense it was.


Roddick later admitted that he was emotionally spent after watching Andre Agassi's last match vs. Benjamin Becker and found it difficult to get into the competitive mindset. This is understandable but I hope it's a one-off. He can't keep playing this badly. Even against Becker, who also has a big serve, and fellow big servers tend to trouble Roddick.

Did you notice that Roddick bowed (but not kissed) to the four corners after his match? This is the first time I'd seen Roddick do that. I interpreted the gesture as his own homage to Andre Agassi, which I thought was really sweet. Andy and James and the rest of the American boys are well aware of the big shoes they have to fill now. There is no more Agassi safety net for them, no more safe cushioning between them and the media. "Now it's time for us to step up," Roddick said. "That cushion isn't there. My training wheels are gone. I'm sure it's gonna be a little different. But it's an exciting prospect, as well."

Preview of the Roddick-Becker fourth round match:
From Matthew Cronin: Will ANDY RODDICK get a measure of revenge for the American public over BENJAMIN BECKER for his ending the legendary Andre Agassi’s career? You bet he will, and then some. Roddick had to raise his level when the chips were down in the fifth set against Fernando Verdasco and stood up to the challenge, and Verdasco is significantly better player than Becker. Yes, the German has a good serve, but he won’t hurt Roddick off the ground and will have tremendous trouble returning his serve. Roddick in straight sets.

From Mark Preston: Germany’s Bejamin Becker hardly figured as the man who would put an end to the grand career of Andre Agassi. Before yesterday, Becker’s greatest achievements were at the collegiate level. But the three-time All-American and 2004 NCAA Champion at Baylor brought a big game and an even larger dose of determination to his meeting with the legend, and in winning, graduated to a higher level of achievement and respect. Yes, Agassi was hurting, but Becker only heightened the hurt, serving huge, moving well, creating opportunities and showcasing an explosive ground game. His 27 aces in the match were more than a bit reminiscent of that other—slightly better known—Becker. His reward for all that is a faceoff with No. 9 seed Andy Roddick, who has played his way through the first half of this Flushing fortnight with an intensity and a resolve that suggest he’s very much a contender for a second-Sunday showing. Roddick, this year’s US Open Series champ, will pocket a cool $1 million bonus should he take home a title from here, but more, the 2003 US Open champ can re-establish himself as a potent Slam force with a return to the winner’s circle. Importantly, Roddick again believes he belongs. That’s bad news for Becker. In four, Roddick is on to the quarters.

- READ Roddick's post-match interview (def. Becker) here.
- READ Roddick's other post-match interview (def. Verdasco) where he rips on Matthew Cronin here.
- The Mercury News: Resurgent Roddick back in the thick of things.
- The Sydney Morning Herald: With Connors in Roddick's corner, Hewitt has work cut out for him.
- match report: Will Andy Roddick become the new Andre Agassi?
- Andy Roddick is the Mercedes Benz Play of the Week.
- ESPN: How would Roddick have handled facing Agassi?
- LA Daily News: Roddick survives scare but moves on.
- Fox Sports: US players will be hard-pressed to fill Agassi's void.

* * *
Musings from Day Seven at USO

My first tennis crush, the man who got me interested in tennis in the first place, Andre Agassi, lost to Benjamin Becker and retired yesterday. Not only is this the official end of the Sampras-Agassi Era but I feel like my childhood also officially ended. Thanks for 21 years of memorable tennis, Andre. You will be greatly missed.........It's a strange irony that 36-year-old Agassi's body with the bad back held up better than 21-year-old Marcos Baghdatis during their five-set match. Andrei Pavel became ill during his first-round match with Agassi, and Benjamin Becker also began to cramp toward the end of his match with Agassi. Was Agassi poisioning all of these guys? Or maybe the young 'uns need to get in shape..........The crowd worked him over a bit but I guarantee you that Marcos Baghdatis walked away from his second round match with Andre Agassi with more new American fans in his pocket than any other foreign player. He will be an American fan favorite in the future, mark my words..........How awesome was it that at the end of the Agassi/Becker match, the crowd of about 20,000 stood and applauded Agassi for several minutes? Hard to imagine any of today's young players getting that kind of reception when they retire..........Roddick admitted that he was in an emotional vacuum after watching the Agassi/Becker match and couldn't concentrate on his match vs Verdasco..........Andy Murray also couldn't concentrate on his match after witnessing Agassi's loss: "Today was one of the saddest days I've had in tennis. Twenty minutes before I went on, I saw Agassi play his last match and I was genuinely upset. I didn't realise how much he meant to the whole of tennis and to me until I saw him play his last point."..........CBS reported that Agassi's last USO match/retirement was the highest US Open ratings they've had in 15 years!..........Quick: name the guy who sent Jimmy Connors into retirement 13 years ago. That's exactly where Benjamin Becker is headed..........Yes, I'm bitter. Becker cheated us of a blockbuster Agassi-Roddick match..........Roddick had mixed feelings about the prospect of playing Andre Agassi on Monday: "Obviously, you want to play against your idols, but then again you don't want to be the guy who shot Bambi."..........It was fun to see Roddick do the Nadal-like scissor kick when he broke Verdasco in the fourth set. Vamos, Andy!..........You gotta read Roddick's post-match interview yesterday where he torches Matthew Cronin. Cronin brought it upon himself after writing off Roddick and saying that there was "nothing special" about him. Write-off Roddick at your own risk.........James Blake's personal tribute to Andre Agassi was brilliant. Loved the loud pink Nike outfit and bandana. The bandana actually looked good on him. The rest of the outfit is just as ugly now as it was then.........Happy birthday to Jimmy Connors who turned 54 on Sept. 2. I did not realize that both he and Andy shared the same sun sign, Virgo. Interesting..........Marat Safin advanced to the third round of the USO for the first time since 2001. He had won the title in 2000, beating Pete Sampras in the final..........Random Question of the Week: how many bagels does Gaston Gaudio have to eat before he becomes an honorary Jew?..........Second Random Question of the Week: who is the most invisible of the Invisible Men: Ivan Ljubicic or Nikolay Davydenko?.........I'm still loving the Roddick vs PONG commercials. AmEx has recovered from the Mojo disaster and hit a bulls-eyes with this ad campaign..........Speaking of, who plays most like PONG? Rafael Nadal or Lleyton Hewitt?..........How funny was it to see two-time defending champion Roger Federer getting dumped on the Armstrong court while James Blake and Carlos Moya were playing in Ashe Stadium? It was a nice make-up gift to the fans who held the rain-delayed tickets, though..........The USO crowds have been awesome this year with their raucous enthusiasm, record numbers of fans visiting, and Arthur Ashe stadium has been sold out every night of play..........Is it my imagination or have the USO crowds been doing The Wave an awful lot this year? Not that there's anything wrong with that..........One very American cheer we've been hearing a lot during the Agassi matches: the sing-song "Let's go, Andre!" clap-clap, clap-clap-clap cheer often reserved for baseball matches. It'll be interesting to see if they use this cheer on any other player this week..........edit. Never mind, I just heard some in the crowd singing this cheer to James Blake..........Speaking of Blake, I find it ironic that one of the nicest and most well-liked guys on tour has one of the most obnoxious, antagonizing, and rudest cheering section of friends around, the J-Block ..........This week's most over-used gesture: players pounding on their chest to show how much heart they have. Everybody's Tarzan all of a sudden.........It appears that nobody is impressed with Vince Spadea's new book, or with the man himself. The New York Times blog reported that nobody had signed up to play doubles with Vinnay at USO, and even nice guy Jonas Bjorkman scoffed at Spadea's book saying that Vinnay keeps to himself most of the time so he can't have much to dish. "What is it, two pages?" he snarked. Hee!

Updated August 31, 2006

US Open: Hurricane Andy

"People don't seem to understand that it's a damn war out there."


R2: Roddick def Pless 6-3, 7-6(3), 6-3

You can't tell from the scoreline but the Pless match was a hiccup for Roddick and he's lucky he was playing Pless and not Hewitt or Blake, otherwise he would've lost.

Other than Roddick's awesome serve stats (which were rocking; his winning % on the first serve was an incredible 92%!), the rest of his game was shaky. Yes, he won 73% points at the net, but he was stoning volleys again and never looked comfortable at the net. In fact he never looked comfortable on court all evening. His monster forehand was MIA again; I fear it may be just a myth, like the Loch Ness Monster or something. The first set was a piece of cake but when Pless began to relax and press more in the second set, Roddick began to look nervous, and he reverted back to old habits such as camping out 20 feet behind the baseline.

I wondered if maybe Roddick was nervous because the atmosphere of a night match on his birthday may have conjured up bad memories of what happened last year on his birthday. He later admitted that he had the pre-match jitters and claimed to have a difficult time getting into his "bad guy" mode because he was constantly getting "Happy birthday" wishes from everyone all day, plus his mother called, etc. It's not easy to put your game face on when you're celebrating your birthday, I guess.

Roddick knew he wasn't playing well, and he often yelled at himself during the match. Even when he finally won, he was hardly in a celebratory mood, he just shook his head in disgust: 'Nope, nope. This won't do.' And he's right: that kind of playing won't fly against a better opponent. It was an ugly win against a lesser player but it's over now and he's the first player into the third round. He has a few days to regroup with Connors, who almost certainly will give him another quiet earful again.

Let's hope the hiccups are gone now because from the fourth round on, he won't be allowed any more.

His third round match will be vs. Fernando Verdasco, which is tenatively scheduled for Saturday.

* * *
Roddick denies Sharapova affair
Andy Roddick was not in party mood after marking his 24th birthday with victory at the U.S. Open, trying to put to rest rumors he is romantically linked with Russian Maria Sharapova.

"We're not dating," he told reporters after his 6-3 7-6 6-3 win over Danish qualifier Kristian Pless.

I've said it a million times already, but you guys refuse to write it. You know, we're friendly. We're in the same places. I think she's a great girl. You know, we'll talk. That's about it."

Roddick, the 2003 U.S. Open champion and former world number one, said life on the tennis tour made relationships difficult to manage.

"It's a little bit of a stretch when we both travel. She's actually busier than I am. That's a little bit of a stretch. But, you know, I think she's great. I can't say enough nice things about her," he said.

Sharapova, who beat Michaella Krajicek of the Netherlands 6-3 6-0 on Wednesday, was also quizzed by reporters about Roddick.

"You know what, I really don't talk about my personal life," she said. "When two tennis players know each other and are friends, and are known around the world, there's people are gonna talk. That's exactly what's happening."

* * *
More Rantings and Rumblings from Day Three of USO

American Watch: James Blake, Mardy Fish, Justin Gimelstob, Robby Ginepri, Vince Spadea, and WC entrant Sam Querrey all made it through to the second round. But since winning Indianapolis a few weeks ago, the top American seed Blake is still having problems closing out his matches.........I no longer feel sorry for anybody who might have missed the Agassi-Pavel match Monday evening because USA Network has made it their goal to show us the match as often as possible. It was a good match but please stop the reruns and show us some live tennis, or at least show us a different classic match during rain delays, k? thanks..........Vince Spadea's guide to getting on the Davis Cup team: dish the dirt on your fellow Americans in your new book. James Blake wasn't pleased with Vinny Ice's tell-all: "I feel like in writing that book, he may have made a mistake and may have kind of rubbed a few people the wrong way and not made so many friends in the locker room."..........I'll bet Spadea is mad that Binge has gotten more air time for their songs than any of his rap tunes have gotten..........hats off to Rafael Nadal for paying for his respects to 9/11 victims at Ground Zero the other day. Just another reason why I admire this kid so much.........I like how Michael Bartan tried to sneak in a are-you-dating-Andy-Roddick question to Maria Sharapova last night after her match with Michaella Krajicek. Maria's response was her predictable "No comment" comment. Why does she keep saying "No comment" when a simple "No, we're not dating," would suffice? Answer: because the media frenzy over Roddickpova is good business for tennis and makes for good ratings, even though both Maria's and Andy's matches were boring as hell last night. Maria is no dummy.........The Roddickpova denial was the most e-mailed story on Yahoo! Sports..........Speaking of Maria, her Nike "I Feel Pretty" commercial is starting to grow on me. I love seeing the McEnroe brothers singing "I Feel Pretty" before Maria shrieks everybody silent. LOL.........Maria Sharapova claimed to not know that it was Roddick's birthday last night. "Is it his birthday? I had no idea." Riiight..........The NY Daily News published an unflattering article the other day about the similarities between Roddick and Sharapova: "No nuance to their games, no point-building, no contribution to the collective knowledge of playing the sport..." Wow! Good thing they both have their looks to fall back on in case the tennis thing doesn't work out..........Another thing Maria and Andy have in common: they are both really bad liars..........I just discovered that the New York Times is doing a blog for the US Open. Interesting read for behind-the-scenes goings-on. They always have good tennis coverage during USO, even though Selena Roberts is a twit..........No birthday cake for the grumpy birthday boy last night? Bummer..........Praise be to Jesus that Roger Federer did not show up for his first round match wearing that pretentious cream-colored blazer. If he does, I hope the NY crowd boos him off the court. Better yet, jeer him with calls of "Waiter! Waiter!".........I'm starting to get butterflies in my stomach waiting for the Agassi-Baghdatis match tonight. I'm excited and nervous about it.........The always-tactful Marat Safin is not a fan of Cincinnati, Ohio where the Western & Southern Financial Group Masters is held: "Go there and see how depressing that place is." You mean there's a place out there that's more depressing than Siberia?

- READ Andy's post-match interview here.
- Fox Sports: Roddick says he's ready to take New York.

* * *
What Happened to the Photo Gallery?
It's gone. Poof! Kaput. Server died and I fear I may have lost everything. I'm looking into a new server and hopefully I'll have another photo gallery up running again soon. I'm still in mourning. It sucks to lose an entire year's worth of work.

* * *
DOWNLOAD Part 4 of "On the Rod" from USO here. Flash video file

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Originally posted August 30, 2006

"When he's jammin' on center court, He's the best man in the sport, The way he hits the ball defies all logic, chaotic , exotic – Hey Hey! It's Andy Roddick."

— Lyrics from the song "Hey, It's Andy Roddick" by the garage band, Binge. Soon to be a classic.

R1: Roddick def Serra 6-2 6-1 6-3

VCR ALERT! On Tuesday, Sept. 5: Ellen Degeneres will have a segment about her hosting Arthur Ashe Kids' Day with Agassi and Roddick!

Roddick's date at his foundation's "Champions for Charity Gala"? A cardboard cutout of comedian Ellen DeGeneres. "I love her," he said. ''I think she's great." photo courtesy of the Boston Globe

Remember about a year ago back when RoddickOnline was still around how we campaigned hard to get Andy on Ellen's show? She must have received a ton of requests over that summer, but it seems to have worked. I am so pleased to see that Andy will finally be featured on her show, he is a big fans of hers. Congrats and thanks to all of you for your help with our little "Get Andy on Ellen" campaign!

* * *
Roddick Roars

So far I'm 1-for-1 with my match predictions. Heh. Well, except for the "Tuesday start date" thing but no matter. Andy won and he won easily and he won doing it the Roddick way: with a lot of power and confidence. This was a very good first round match for Andy. This is how all his matches should be. This is how last year's match shouldn't gone...okay, no more ghost of Gilles crap. It's over. The mojo crap is finally over. Glory hallelujah!

The best part of the match was watching Serra become completely unhinged and discouraged early on in the match. In the first few games, he was into it, ready to play and fight, but by the start of the second set, he was done. He didn't want to be on court anymore. He didn't want to deal with Andy anymore. This is what a top class player does: completely wipes out his opponent's mental resistance. No wonder Serra played so badly. Andy made him.
Q. Are you more confident with Jimmy as your coach than you were prior to [Cincy]?


Q. Why?

ANDY RODDICK: Because I'm winning.

So well done to the birthday boy, who turns 24 today. I hope he breezes through his second round match today, is presented with a nice big chocolate cake, and is then serenaded by the crowd with "Happy birthday!" We have to make up for last year's nightmare birthday.

* * *
Other Random Musings about Day Two of USO

Agassi Watch. Boy, do I feel bad for anybody who missed seeing Andre Agassi's first-round with Andrei Pavel. That was brilliant playing from two old guys (30-somethings), neither of whom got in any match play over the summer. Amazing, actually. Riveting, edge-of-your-seat tension for three sets. From the Miami Herald: "Like every other diehard American tennis fan, Andy Roddick knew exactly where he was going to be Monday night: In front of a television set watching Agassi. Agassi is so revered in the locker room that more than 200 players showed up for a special meeting to present him with a vintage bottle of wine from 1970, the year he was born. Roddick would have attended Agassi's match, but he had to rest after his 6-2, 6-1, 6-3 first-round victory over Florent Serra. After last year's shocking first-round loss to an unknown player from Luxembourg, Roddick is not taking any chances."..........the crowd was a bit rough with Pavel, but this is something all of the players should be expecting when they go up against the retiring American legend this week. It's his last tournament, it's an American crowd, of course they are going to get crazy and cheer for Agassi like mad. What country wouldn't, if Agassi were their own? It's not like they were cheering against Pavel, they just desperately wanted to see Agassi make another great run here and Agassi was in danger of being tossed out in the first round. As for the crowd cheering for faults and whatnot, well, James Blake went through the exact same thing last year in their classic quarterfinal clash. So remember for this week only: when it comes to Agassi, all players, including the young Americans, will be taking a back seat and reduced to second-class citizenship on the court. It's only temporary..........Agassi's next opponent will be Marcos Baghdatis, a player very similar to Andre himself. But for those who seem to think that Baghdatis is going to wimp out when he faces Agassi, I have to say that I emphatically disagree. Marcos gets a lot of inspiration from a rowdy, enthusiastic crowd and he's going to get the biggest one of all come Thursday. I think he's going to play great and I hope Andre does, too. The only difference is that Baghdatis' cheering section will be slightly larger than the one Pavel had. Judging from Bags' first round match, the Americans like what they see in Marcos. I think (hope) it will be another memorable match. With Agassi winning, of course. Gotta keep that fourth-round Roddick dream match alive..........That Billie Jean King ceremony was something else, wasn't it? John McEnroe should be an announcer for everything for life. Venus Williams should not. I loved seeing McEnroe, Jimmy Connors, and Chris Evert (ooh. awkward.) together again. Connor's comment that he was "the quiet man now" was funny, if only because he was so very not quiet in his prime. I'm so glad that Andy found him and that Connors, a man who looked out for no one but himself, was willing to coach him..........One lesson I hope Roddick learns from Connors: how not to give a shit what people say or think about you. Seriously. Roddick cares too much what people say about him, he has taken the media's non-stop criticism to heart and it has affected his playing. Roddick admitted himself that he couldn't watch Wimbledon when he got home because the constant Roddick-bashing seemed so senseless and unfair to him. You and me both, Andy. Tell them to piss-off, Jimmy Connors style..........FYI, Roddick's 148mph serve during his first round match was not a record. The USO serve record is 150mph which belongs to—ta daa!—Roddick from his first round match with Scoville Jenkins at 2004 USO. Poor Scoey must've been so traumatized by the Roddick beatdown, we haven't heard from him since then...Messageboard Whine of the Week: "Waaaa! Roger Federer got stuck with a Wednesday start! This is an insult to the two-time defending champion. The USO rain delays are soooo rigged to favor Roddick. waaaaa!" Please get over it, folks. I seem to recall some very favorable scheduling for Federer at Wimbledon in 2005 where Roddick got stuck playing his semifinal match over two days, with no day off to rest for the final, while Roger went into the final fresh as a daisy. Gee, no wonder Roddick played and lost badly. This kind of scheduling happens at most tournaments, learn to live with it...Federer just demolished some Wang dude in under two hours. What will next week's Whine be?..........Ivan Ljubicic crashed out in the first round to Feliciano Lopez. Hee! Poor Jon Wertheim and his cursed USO the way, Wertheim was asked about the Roddickpova affair while visiting the USA Network studio and his response was "This is the worst kept secret since Brad and Angelina." OMG! Does this mean Andy and Maria will be getting matching tattoos shortly?..........Rafael Nadal knocked out the big-serving Mark Philippoussis today in straight sets. The New York Times says that Nadal's "improved volleys and serves" are what made the difference in this match. Eek..........Roddick faces Kristian Pless in the second round tonight (after his girlfriend Maria's match finishes) I'm unfamiliar with Pless' game but here's my blind, uneducated prediction: Andy in straight sets..........Oh, were the women playing this year? I didn't notice..........Rain, rain, go away. Why was the US Open scheduled during the hurricane season anyway?...Somewhat shocking result of the day: Sebastien Grosjean defeated Thomas Johansson in five sets today. Didn't see that one coming..........Other somewhat shocking result of the day: Marat Safin won a match and is in the second round..........Some kudos for USA Network: thank you for not wasting our time by showing the boring, beat-down matches that are inevitable in the early rounds. In fact, thank you for not showing us any WTA matches at all.

* * *
Hey! Hey! It's Andy's Song!

If you've been watching the US Open Late Night recap shows, you might've noticed that they started playing that cheesy-but-fun "Hey, It's Andy Roddick" song again from a garage band called Binge. Binge actually has a website for their kitschy tennis songs where you can listen to samples and purchase them to download, too. Andy, Nadal, Federer, Hingis, and now Sharapova all have their own songs. Cool, eh? Props to Binge for helping to spread the tennis love.

- READ Andy's funny (when are they not?) post-match interview here.
- New York Times: Assist to Connors as Roddick Rolls in First Round.
- Newsday: Emotional Rescue.
- Roddick, After 2005 U.S. Open Fiasco, Takes on Connors as Coach.
- Tennis-X: Roddick on Connors: Do Not Dissect It, Just Enjoy It.
- Palm Beach Post: Commentary: Jimbo gives U.S. tennis bit of hope.

* * *
WATCH the first new "On the Rod" episode of Andy from the USO here. thanks to claire for providing this video!

DOWNLOAD the second new "On the Rod" episode of Andy from the USO here.

WATCH a clip of Andy and Andre Agassi from last year's Arthur Ashe Kids' Day event here. Very funny and entertaining video!

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