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Roddick's Goals for 2006

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PHOTO GALLERY UPDATED. Now includes several great pics from the AR Foundation charity weekend. Enjoy.

Hi. I'm Andy. Give me your money.

Roddick, friends serve one up for kids charity

The Boca Raton News reports on their local boy's charity exploits (click on link for full article):

"I am really proud of how far we have come in the past few years," Andy's mother, Blanche Roddick, said. "We are very honored to be receiving this award as such a young foundation." Roddick, who claimed five ATP Tour titles in 2005, remains the No. 3 player in the world. Growing up in an affluent town like Boca Raton, Roddick often came in contact with people who were fortunate enough to provide for their families. As his tennis career began to take off and he won event after event, he decided to use his status for a good cause. And while Grand Slams and the Davis Cup are Roddick's biggest priorities on the court in 2006 for the grass court specialist, he does concede there are more important issues in life than sports.

"The idea is we are Helping Children Today for tomorrow, putting in the work now, reaching out early to improve their quality of life and opportunities in the future," Roddick said.

Sebastien Grosjean, ranked No. 26, trains in Boca Raton and has been supporting the foundation since its inception. "I was here at the first event four years ago and it is great for the players and kids," said Grosjean, a member of the French Davis Cup team. "Anyway to help children is great. I have two kids and I am really proud of what [Andy] is doing."

It's worth noting that the AR Foundation hit a milestone this year: 2005 is the first year Andy's weekend charity has raised more than $1 million dollars for needy, underprivileged, and at-risk children in South Florida. And it's popularity keeps growing every year. Congratulations to everyone involved!

Roddick's goals for 2006: less beer, more pizza

The Palm Beach Post has this new commentary about Roddick's goals for 2006 (you can read the entire article by clicking on the link):

Roddick made it clear where his attention will be in 2006.

"Basically, what you have to do is list your priorities," Roddick said. "The Slams and Davis Cup are my biggest passions."

That focus has ruled out, for example, a return to the Delray Beach tournament where he was a hometown headliner earlier in his career. The Millennium International Tennis Championships run Jan. 30 to Feb. 5 at the Delray Beach Tennis Center. Commitments include U.S. Open semifinalist Robby Ginepri, ranked No. 16, and No. 24 James Blake.

"Unfortunately, the scheduling of the Delray tournament is just a real tough week, to fly around the world and play Delray and play Davis Cup right afterwards in San Diego," Roddick said. "I want to be fully mentally and physically ready for Davis Cup ties. It's just a tough spot in the schedule."

U.S. Davis Cup captain Patrick McEnroe wants not only a rested team, but also one playing on advantageous surfaces -- in Roddick's case, grass. That has discouraged Delray Beach officials about their prospects for hosting the next round, later in the spring, if the U.S. wins in La Jolla, Calif.

There has been talk about paying appearance fees to help lure more top-20 players at the Delray Beach tour event.

Roddick did not say whether he had been offered such an enticement, but said it was moot in this case.

"It definitely was not a financial decision," Roddick said. "I'm not going to hold them for ransom. If I am planning on playing the tournament, I would just come and play. They gave me a lot of support early in my career. That didn't really factor into the equation."

In its fifth year, Roddick's foundation has raised a total of nearly $3 million for children's charities. Andre Agassi had to miss the event to heal injuries, but Roddick called former No. 1 Jim Courier to join Aaron Krickstein and No. 26 Sebastien Grosjean in a doubles exhibition Sunday before a full house.

"When Andre pulled out with his injury, I told my mom, it's not bad when you can replace one former No. 1 with another," Roddick said.

Even better for Roddick in 2006 would be placing another former No. 1 -- himself -- back at the top of the tennis marquee.

I do realize that this article is rather vague in terms of Roddick’s goals for 2006 other than the usual “slams and Davis Cup” song and dance he gives every year. Perhaps he should talk to some of his fans to get a clearer idea about his goals. Here’s just a small sampling of what Roddick fans around the world have in mind for Andy’s 2006:

- beat Federer
- get your confidence back!!!
- stay healthy
- win a Masters title
- get to the second week of each grand slam (Roland Garros is a slam, Andy)
- beat Hewitt/Nadal/Safin on a regular basis
- make it to the quarterfinal of each Grand Slam (i.e. second week?)
- beat Federer
- finish the year in the top 5
- kick Ljubicic’s ass
- start winning TBs consistently
- stop losing matches when you have MP
- stop losing matches you should win
- stop losing matches when you're up big
- stop choking
- get in touch with your inner asshole, take no prisoners, stop being the nice guy
- don't make me cry again during the USO cause your freakin ass dropped out first round
- win Wimby
- beat Federer
- kick lubajdkhbgjfdhgbfg ass {sorry I can't type his last name for my life}
- kick Mathieu's butt
- destroy Gilles Muller and everyone ranked outside the top 10
- beat players you are supposed to beat
- forget Houston clay and go to Europe to learn how to do better on clay
- stop hitting pussy forehands
- be more aggressive
- hit more BH DTL please
- use the body serve more often
- stand closer to the bloody baseline, s'il vous plait
- make your forehand return so it's as good as your backhand one
- then improve your backhand one
- get some decent clothes from Lacoste
- start dating Mandy Moore again
- have fun!!!
- get laid so you can focus better on court
- brush yo teeth skank
- revenge the losses of 2005
- play in Monte Carlo! (It´s a TMS Andy, in case you didn't notice it)
- play some doubles matches to improve your volley
- start bageling some players instead of just doing good enough
- get out of the first round
- go back to Reebok
- start wearing a ponytail and Nike headband
- beat players you are supposed to beat (which should be everyone besides Fed and a few other players in the top 10)
- beat Hewitt again
- then beat Federer
- Andy needs to go back to brute power
- win Wimbledon for the next five years!
- stop collapsing when he gets a tough draw
- stop collapsing when he gets an easy draw
- defend his titles or get a new one that's a TMS
- demolish a tough opponent or two. (someone he isn't "supposed" to beat)
- get a supportive steady girlfriend so he doesn't have to hit on Belgian girls with boyfriends
- bring back the visor in 06 and pinapple hair!!

Your fans only say these things will love, Andy. Speaking of . . .

No more Mr. Nice Guy

Here's a great article by one of my favorite tennis writers, Charles Bricker in which Roddick outlines how he's going to make some changes for 2006. Some choice quotes (click on link to read the whole article):
No more wimpy returns on second serve, Andy Roddick promised Monday. No more going into a defensive shell when the balls are not in his hands.

It's time, said the No. 1 player in the United States, for a complete and consistent change of attitude when he's not serving.

"Constant aggression. That's going to be my mantra in 2006," Roddick said after completing the morning session on the first day of a USTA training camp at the Evert Tennis Academy.

"My biggest problem is when I get passive. When I have a mindset of constant aggression, I get better," he insisted.

His first-round loss at the U.S. Open to obscure Luxembourgian Gilles Muller is still on his mind. "I played way too passively. What bothers me most is not that I lost but that I didn't lose on my own terms."

For too much of this past season he did little more than block back first and second serves, allowing opponents to dictate the baseline rallies and diminish his edge as a power player.

But Roddick now wants a full year of super-aggressiveness on service returns, and it's not hard to understand why he's ready to take more risks.

He led the ATP Tour this year by winning 93 percent of his service games. But he won only 22 percent of his return games, well back of tour leader Rafael Nadal, who won 39 percent of his.

"I'm not going to nurse those balls back if I get the second serve I want. You hit a big return and you're in the guy's head a little more," said Roddick.

"It's all mindset," said Roddick. "If you're trying to scrape by, you kind of play safer. I have to get over that."

[. . .] Against most players, he'll be playing chancier tennis, perhaps even taking balls early by playing inside the baseline, as Andre Agassi does.

This new sense of aggressiveness is perhaps the most important thing Roddick has come to understand about his game. "I've got to play my personal style and the one thing I can do is hit the ball pretty big," he said. "But there are times when I didn't, and that's when I got into trouble."

Roddick did not have a bad year, winning 59 and losing 14 with five titles. But the first-round loss at the U.S. Open and the second-round loss at the French, when he was up two sets and a break on Jose Acasuso, were major setbacks.

Nevertheless, he finished at No. 3, down only one spot from 2004, and it's difficult to feel bad about dropping behind Roger Federer and No. 2 Rafael Nadal, who won a combined 23 titles.

"I know this. I'm a better player, a lot more solid in pretty much every area," said Roddick.

Now I'm all fired up. This is what I've been wanting to hear from Roddick for quite a while. Of course, saying it and doing it are two separate things, but I'm just happy to hear that he recognizes why he's lost the matches he lost and that he knows what he needs to do to avoid such scenarios in the future. Thanks to Mr. Bricker for this article.

Where the &^%$ is my Tennis Channel?

Debstah over at MTF has The Tennis Channel and was lucky enough to see the broadcast of "Smash Hits 2005", the Billie Jean King/Elton John AIDS charity exo that Andy attended. For many of us who do not have The Tennis Channel, Debstah was kind enough to give us a summary of what happened that evening (many thanks to her for the fun details!):
OK here are random things I'm jotting down all through the exhibition:

~When they announced Andy, they announced him as having won 19 titles, and he got this huffy look on his face and turned around like "hey man, i've got 20!"

~When Andy was hitting warmup serves for the first celebirty match, the people in the first row were ducking

~Elton hit a DF and Andy argued about it saying he wasn't ready at the net and stuff.... so he got the ump to give Elton a let, and Andy goes "if only that worked in real tennis"

~at one point, Anna was taking FOREVER to serve and Andy was like SERVE!!!!!!!! So finally he sits down on his racquet

~James: "seriously, would you two just kiss and get it over with"

~Andy hit a nice BH topspin lob during the mixed doubles

~during the womens singles, Andy looked horrifically bored out of his mind

~Men's doubles: Andy missed a volley and said "Aw Dangit" (in fact, he missed a LOT of volleys, esp. on the forehand ) - later on, the female announcer said after he dumped a volley into the net "Oh man the day he learns how to hit a volley he'll go back to the top" Then Luke Jensen said he needs to play more doubles and how admirable it is that he's never satisfied and always willing to make changes whether it's his coach, game, etc.

~Andy hits a DF but Thomas Blake was running around his 2nd serve. And Andy goes "you were NOT gonna try to run around my second serve! Don't try that again!"

~He was just ripping his forehand sometimes for shits and giggles, and usually it went in - now please do this in matches thanks

~Andy gives his racquet to a ballgirl and he takes her position then Thomas blake gives his to a ballboy. The girl andy picked won the point and he thrw up his arms and picked up the girl and swung her around, she looked so happy and is cheesing smiling saying "oh my god!" aw

~When talking about his fave Elton song he said he grew up listening to Candle in the Wind b/c his dad liked it and he also thought his dad had a crush on Marilyn Monroe , he also likes Tiny Dancer, Rocketman, and "I've been into Daniel lately"

~men's singles: it was a sudden death point and James picked the side to receive from, and Andy hits this HUGE ACE down the T and James screams, he thought the serve was gonna go wide

~then later, Andy had a sudden death and he was jokingly leaning with his backhand on the return, so JAMES hits the huge ace right on the T line LOL

~Andy hit this AMAZING dropvolley and James tried running after it but mid-step he was like "NO WAY" And the female announcer was like "Was that just from ANDY RODDICK????"

~At the end, Andy had a sudden-death "match point" And left the wide serve open and James hit an ace there.... that looked fixed so it would make sure their set went to a tiebreak. At the change of ends in the tiebreak, Andy shoved James out of the way hehehe

~In fact, the whole end looked fixed. Andy's team was up by a lot, so if James won their match in a TB, it'd go to sudden death, and that's what happened. So they keep playing until the team in the lead wins one game, unless the losing team wins enough games in a row to catch up (confusing, yes.). So Andy just had to win one game. And he does that, then they pat each other on the bum

~omg lol they just showed him signing autographs and he starts looking through the kid's autograph book

2005 By the Numbers

The ATP site has released their stats report of 2005: By the Numbers. My personal favorite stat: Roddick is the ONLY player this year to have won titles on four different surfaces (clay, grass, hard, carpet). Not bad for a one-dimensional no-talent hack, eh?



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