Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Andy and "The Real World"

Short and sweet blog entry today...

The latest A-Rod gossip to hit the tennis boards was that Andy was discussed during last night's broadcast of "The Real World." What's the big deal, you ask? Well, according to my best friend's girlfriend's brother's cousin's who met this guy who's dating this lady from my alma mater said that Andy hooked up with Mel in Costa Rica, who's on-again-off-again relationship with Danny was off again during that month they dated. Mel saw Andy in a bar and wanted to talk with him (and Andy naturally wanted to hook up with her) but he wouldn't sign the release papers to allow MTV to tape their mating dance, so they opted instead to e-mail each other twice. But that's it.

Boy, just being mentioned on a TV show is enough to get everyone buzzing. But it's the tennis off-season and people are dying for any kind of news, so the reaction is understandable.

For the record, Andy was never in Costa Rica. This meeting between him and Mel happened at a bar in Austin. As to whether they actually hooked up or not: Mel was engaged to Danny when this meeting took place (sometime between Jan-April) and she denies the hook-up.

Sports Illustrated's Jon Wertheim actually included the AnthemLIVE! video of Andy singing as being the "Moment of Zen for 2005" for his yearly Baggie Awards.

Searching for Andy Roddick

Andy is a popular fixture on various web search engines and I often like to check out Yahoo's Buzz Index or Google's Zeitgeist to see if anybody's been searching for tennis-related stuff.

One of the more curious things of internet tennis searching that I've noticed is that for the past few years that Roger Federer has been dominating Wimbledon and the US Open, searches on him have been minimal. In fact, I can't remember ever seeing him or Andre Agassi or any other popular top player being listed as one of the more popular searches for any of the web search engines; made even more bizarre by the fact that engines like Google represent world searches and not just the U.S..

In fact, the only tennis player not named Anna Kournikova, Maria Sharapova, or Andy Roddick that I've seen crack the top ten searches recently is James Blake, and this was during his storied run at the US Open back in September.

Sometimes these sudden surges in Roddick searches seem inexplicable to me. For instance, Andy is No. 4 on Yahoo's Movers and Shakers list this week. Other than this being the dead season for anything tennis related, I'm curious as to why suddenly everybody is interested to know what Andy has been up to. Or maybe the media in various parts of the world have been reporting on Roddick's upcoming annual charity weekend, thereby nudging some interest in him by the casual web surfer?

Andy and James Blake on "ESPN Hollywood"

Here's what you really came for: the 3-minute video of Andy's appearance on "ESPN Hollwyood" last night. Enjoy.

Click here for video.


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