Friday, November 18, 2005

Rabbit Season

For those of you who may be fretting over the fact that Roger Federer made this year's Sexiest Man Alive list in People magazine but not Andy: Andy already made the list back in 2003 and you can view his photo profile here.

A sports gossip website called Dead Spin has this hilarious tidbit on Andy's irrational fear of cute fuzzy creatures that go hop in the night. If this story is true, then I think everybody should show up at his matches dressed as the Easter Bunny. Then again, if this rabbit looked anything like the one in Donnie Darko then who could blame him for being less than enthused by a close encounter with a giant rabbit?

Athlete Run-Ins: Roddick's Rabbit Phobia

After a pretty darned controversial and debated story about Tim Duncan yesterday, we’ve got a nice amusing, safe one today, about tennis star Andy Roddick and his unusual, somewhat inexplicable fear. This one comes from Steve in Houston:

Andy Roddick, in Houston for the Davis Cup in 2002, then at least 18 or 19, was forced to attend an Easter morning brunch at the St. Regis Hotel, where the players were sequestered. Seems that the hotel had hired a bunch of mascots in training to wear various costumes of loveable Easter icons to wander around the brunch, giving gifts to the kiddies (no recollection of a Jesus type character working the room, but that would have been perfect).

Seems Andy (who was fresh off of his allegedly celibate fling with THE Jessica Simpson and had moved on to another, hotter woman named Jessica Simpson, whom no doubt put out) is petrified of the Easter Bunny. Not just the munchkin in the costume, apparently. He’s Easter Bunny-phobic, in general. He got all sorts of agitated when he saw the bunny frolicking about. To the point of asking us to make sure we kept the bunny far, far away from him. And acting all freaky about it. This show of manliness no doubt concerned Jessica v.2, but she then remembered that Andy was 19, stupid and loaded, and all was well, once again.

The mental image of Roddick cowering from the Easter Bunny is going to stick with us, we think. By the way, much to our surprise, there doesn’t appear to be an official name for the fear of rabbits. (We checked.)

(Update: There is a word for the fear of rabbits. We knew it! It’s “Leporiphobia;” supposedly it was once considered unlucky to have rabbits aboard ships. Which makes sense, we guess.)

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The only rabbit Roddick
might fear most is one
named Roger.

Curious about the Jessica Simpson link? Here's what Andy had to say about it when he was asked at the 2001 US Open:
2001 US OPEN

Q. Forget the match, we want to hear about Jessica Simpson.

ANDY RODDICK: Thanks, I'll squash this right now. Maybe Bob [Bryan] was joking or something.I wish. You know, I feel bad because she probably gets this all the time and I never do. (Laughter). No, I would just like to squash this right now. I've never talked to her. I never met her. You know, I don't know what else to say.

Q. Bob thinks you're stalking her?

ANDY RODDICK: I guess. I mean, maybe this was Bob's idea of a joke, you know. I don't know.

Q. Would you like to?

ANDY RODDICK: (Laughing). Sure. I mean, no, I like -- you know, you guys are laughing at me. No, I mean it would be great to meet her. I don't know, it's been a serious distraction. I would just love to squash it right now because it's -- there's no dice, I don't think.

Something else Andy should work on for 2006: Learn how to lie more convincingly.

The Dallas Morning News reports on yet another charity exo Roddick will be attending:
Roddick to play at Texas Tennis Shootout
2003 U.S. Open champ coming to Frisco for exhibition match

Andy Roddick and Taylor Dent are coming to the area to spread a little Christmas tennis cheer.

Roddick and Dent's exhibition match will headline the Texas Tennis Shootout, scheduled for 7:30 p.m. Dec. 17 at the Dr Pepper StarCenter in Frisco. Also included are three shootout tiebreakers: one pitting area tennis professionals against each other, another spotlighting wheelchair athletes, and a third featuring players from Texas and Texas A&M.

A percentage of all ticket sales for the Shootout will be distributed to area clubs to help promote tennis locally.

Tickets for the event, produced by PROLINK Sports and Entertainment, go on sale at noon Tuesday and can be purchased by calling 214-467-8277. Beginning 9 a.m. Nov. 25, tickets will be available online at

Roddick, the 2003 U.S. Open champion, last played in the area three years ago against Pete Sampras in a sold-out exhibition at Moody Coliseum. Dent has played in the USTA Challenger at T Bar M Racquet Club.

Let's avoid the strip tennis shenanigans, boys. It's Christmas.


Noelle De Guzman said...

Andy's afraid (reportedly!) of Easter Bunnies, but he adores Playboy Bunnies. :p double standard... *mutter*

tangerine said...

haha! Playboy bunnies aren't scary to grown men I guess, but the easter bunny? Eek! ;D

Noelle De Guzman said...

What a wimp. ;)

ellen said...

what the hell is rogerer doing on the people magazine list???
and... um... i wish andy would double bagel a top 10 player

DolceVita said...

This is the first thing I've ever heard about Andy and Jessica Simpson. Weird.

Btw, Andy is a huge dork (more then usual) if he's scared of easter bunnies

J. said...

Ha! Ha! Afraid of Easter Bunnies! *chuckle*

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