Thursday, November 17, 2005

King of Hearts

More about Andy's sunglasses deal with Lacoste from the Austin Business Journal:
The future's so bright: Roddick signs sunglass deal

Tennis star Andy Roddick of Austin will endorse Lacoste sunglasses for the next four years in a deal worth $750,000 to $1 million.

Lacoste signed Roddick to a five-year, $25 million apparel deal in April after he bolted from Reebok International Ltd. (NYSE: RBK), based in Canton, Mass.

Lacoste also makes sunglasses. When the company heard Roddick was talking to rivals about an eyewear deal, Lacoste quickly secured his endorsement of its line.

Roddick won't wear Lacoste sunglasses during competition. Instead, he will make at least one appearance for the French company, which plans a marketing campaign around his endorsement.

"Andy represents in global sports a kind of America blue chip, apple pie meets Chevrolet type," says his agent, Ken Meyerson of SFX Sports Group Inc. "International brands want to align themselves with that."

Roddick has become something of a walking billboard. Lacoste outfits his eyewear and apparel, and French company Babolat supplies his rackets and tennis shoes. Roddick also endorses Lexus, a division of Japanese automaker Toyota Motor Corp. (NYSE: TM), and American Express Co. (NYSE: AXP).

I like the part that says that Andy has become a walking billboard. It's a whole lot better than becoming a walking "Kick Me" sign, if you ask me.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comSPACE FOR RENT. Ads are good. Slams are better.

Andy Roddick: King of Hearts

Perusing last month's ACE magazine (yes, I'm behind on my reading), I found this complimentary letter about Roddick in the letters section that must be shared here:
As an American subscriber, I thoroughly enjoyed your special Wimbledon coverage in the August issue. The daily breakdown, review, and recap was terrific, and the sidebar snippets of everyday quotes and happenings were insightful. Your photos are always great. Keep up the good work!

I was especially pleased to see so many memorable and funny quotes being attributed to Andy Roddick. This young man just oozes charisma and charm and his personality shines through in some of the best post-match conferences given. Sometimes his dark side emerges in the heat of the moment during matches but that's what makes him such an interesting character -- a bit of Jekyll and Hyde. He livens up Wimbledon every year he plays.

He's had some bad luck in the past few years but I will always be cheering for him. He is the everyman underdog. Roger Federer may be the King of Wimbledon for now, but Andy Roddick is the King of Hearts.

Oh my, "King of Hearts"! Finally. A decent replacement for Princess Diana. And I shall name my firstborn: Charlemagne! (which was the letter writer's unusual name)

Image hosted by
DEAL ME IN. Roger Federer may
be the King of Wimbledon but
Andy Roddick is the King of Hearts.

Will Strip for Tennis

Cleaning out the old rag mag table some more, I found this little tidbit hidden in an old issue of People magazine:

Image hosted by

I'm guessing Andy won't be playing strip tennis against Roger Federer any time soon, otherwise he'd be stripped down to his skivvies in no time. And let's just pray that he doesn't get the idea to try this game out against the likes of Taylor Dent anytime soon, either.


Renee said...

Can't see anything wrong with playing strip tennis with Federer -- but certainly agree on the latter part. Strip poker with Taylor Dent is a big no-no. :)


Noelle De Guzman said...

Remember, Federer had to get dressed to be interviewed after he was named an International Man of Sexiness. :p I wouldn't put it past Andy to play strip tennis with him; apparently ole Tony Roche also wants the Roge. ;)

tangerine said...

If Andy's going to play strip tennis with anybody, it should be with Nicolas Kiefer!

btw--no comments on my brilliant photoshopping job with the King of Hearts playing card? I better see this image in somebody's avatar or signature soon to make my cheesy effort all worthwhile. ;D

Noelle De Guzman said...

Tangy, it's fabulous how Andy, the King of Hearts, has a sword stuck through his head. :D

tangerine said...

lol! rather symbolic of his 2005 year, don't you think? >:)

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