Friday, November 11, 2005

Cat's Out of the Bag

I don't know how I managed to stumble across this but I did. Andy Roddick's official site has been hinting at some big changes coming up soon and uh, well, I guess this is part of their big change plan: a new userface. Check out the test site here and the main page here.

American Express still wants Andy (and his missing Mojo)

After the disastrous USO "Andy's Mojo" marketing campaign, in case there were still any lingering doubts about whether American Express will continue their relationship with Roddick or not, Roddick is scheduled to film a new American Express commercial later this month. Hopefully it will be something simple but humorous, like the popular trophy-fell-on-my-head advertisement that was a hit both in the states and overseas, and had even won an award for best sports commercial.

And more importantly: one that won't come back and bite them in the ass.

Most fashionable players in tennis

That closet fashionista, Robby Ginepri, called the Atlanta Journal-Constitution to give his list of the five most fashionable folks in tennis:
1. James Blake. Gotta start with one of my boys. He's always trying to look good. Always has new stuff to wear.
2. Andy Roddick. The Lacoste gear is pretty original. Not too many players are wearing it. It's kind of old school.
3. The Williams sisters. They usually have new attire for the U.S. Open.
4. Carlos Moya. The sleeveless look with the little tattoo around the biceps.
5. Anna Kournikova. She's always looking good.

Get to Lacoste now before the stampede.

By the way, is "old school" the new code for "boring blah and lame"? It's time for Andy and Lacoste to rediscover the joys of color.


Noelle De Guzman said...

Is it just me, or does's new site design look suspiciously like a Blogger template? >:D

tangerine said...

No, it's not just you! I thought the same thing. lol

Darcy said...

Just wanted to say that I'm really enjoying your blog!

tangerine said...

Thanks, darcy!

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